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  • Observe: Quilt Art Inspiration from Jane LaFazio

    Where do you get your inspiration for art quilts ? Quilting artists get asked that question all the time. Most artists I know have keen powers of observation. They take in the patterns of bricks and grids in the city, the shapes and colors of the garden, and the unusual (to them) motifs and architecture...
    Posted to Quilting Daily by VivikaEditor on 5 Nov 2014
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  • Personalized Quilts and Pockets of Encouragement - Stitching the Gift of Compassion

    Custom quilts to comfort a friend going through a tough time or to honor the memory of a loved one can take many forms. These personalized quilts can be as private as making memorial quilts from the ties or flannel shirts of a beloved grandfather or as public (but no less heartfelt) as worldwide endeavors...
    Posted to Quilting Daily by VivikaEditor on 8 Oct 2014
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  • Mixed-Media Quilts and Collage: Tips for Stitching on Paper

    For a period of time, I made fabric and paper quilts using vintage maps. I stitched a collage of fabric to make the bird (and sometimes flowers, too), then stitched the bird (and flowers) onto the maps. Mixed-media stitched collage cards by Kristin Peterson, featured in the November/December 2014 issue...
    Posted to Quilting Daily by VivikaEditor on 29 Sep 2014
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  • Patchwork Quilts Then and Now

    I'm jumping on the Throwback Thursday bandwagon (#tbt) and posting this image of me with a patchwork quilt I made many years ago. It was the second quilt I'd ever made, a wedding gift for a friend, from pattern by Eleanor Burns. Me with my second patchwork quilt, about 25 years ago. It's...
    Posted to Quilting Daily by VivikaEditor on 10 Sep 2014
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  • Design a Quilt with Your Inner Child

    Do you create quilt designs like a child? Some people might be offended by that question, but I'm not. When I reminisce over my children's early drawings, I see freedom. Freedom to imagine the sun green, to see a fish in a squiggle, or to paint a boat sailing into the air. As art quilters, we...
    Posted to Quilting Daily by VivikaEditor on 21 Jul 2014
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  • Wall Quilt Inspiration: Using an iPad as a Sketchbook

    When creating quilted wall hangings , what do you use for inspiration? Many quilt artists take their cue from their own photos. Lisa Thorpe uses the Brushes3 app to 'sketch' her photo in preparation for making a wall hanging. Lisa Thorpe uses her photos as a jumping off point for her wall quilts...
    Posted to Quilting Daily by VivikaEditor on 26 May 2014
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  • Quilters Give Back - Join Us in Supporting Quilts of Valor

    In my experience, quilters are a giving sort. Any occasion--celebratory, sorrowful, and everything in between--will prompt a quilter to head to the studio and make a quilt for someone else. It might be an art quilt to hang on the wall and bring a smile or a quilt you can cuddle in. Either way, quilts...
    Posted to Quilting Daily by VivikaEditor on 8 May 2014
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