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  • Modern Quilting Trends: What I Learned from QuiltCon 2015

    I left my heart in Austin... QuiltCon, the show put on by The Modern Quilt Guild (MQG), might be smaller in number of attendees and the amount of quilts on display than some of the larger shows. But what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in spirit and quality. The more than 300 fresh, modern...
    Posted to Quilting Daily by VivikaEditor on 25 Feb 2015
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  • Stitch Generations Together with Photo Memory Quilts

    For the last few years I've been working with the same talented crew twice yearly at "Quilting Arts TV" tapings. While the TV show and videos are being recorded, I sit in the control room along with three videographers and monitor the action. It is a friendly crew with a fun and youthful...
    Posted to Quilting Daily by VivikaEditor on 18 Feb 2015
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  • Modern Quilt Designs - Roots in the 1970s

    The 1970s were know for wild wallpaper, orange and brown plaid couches, and bell-bottoms--but quilt designs ? Hexagon Diamonds, polyester double-knit quilt, c. 1970, from Oregon. Collection of Bill Volckening. I know a lot of people who collect antique quilts, Depression-era quilts, or Victorian crazy...
    Posted to Quilting Daily by VivikaEditor on 13 Feb 2015
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  • Trendy Quilting Blocks: Modern Drunkard's Path

    Is the Drunkard's Path quilt block the new hexie? We are getting tons of submissions for Drunkard's Path quilts in our in-boxes. Drunkard's Path quilt blocks make up the design in this quilt, c. 1910, from Michigan. Bill Volckening found the quilt online; it's now in the Michigan State...
    Posted to Quilting Daily by VivikaEditor on 9 Feb 2015
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  • Make Exotic Cuffs with Machine Embroidery Designs

    Quilters from across the world share a passion for unique accessories to wear. But you don't have to travel the world for an exotic adornment. With snippets of fabrics you probably already have in your stash and machine embroidery , you can create your own. Jill Amanda Kennedy created the rich-looking...
    Posted to Quilting Daily by VivikaEditor on 28 Jan 2015
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  • Make Picture Perfect Photo Quilts

    In the old days of making photo quilts , several years back, I felt lucky if I was able to achieve a decent image transfer, let alone worry much about cropping the image in an 'artistic' way. Photo quilt by Lesley Riley, using TAP image transfer paper and modern piecing. With the ease of taking...
    Posted to Quilting Daily by VivikaEditor on 19 Jan 2015
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  • How to Pack Your Quilt Art for Safe Shipping

    Exquisite quilt art arrives at our offices every day. As a quilter myself, I know how scary it can be to wrap one of my "babies" up and ship it off to a magazine, client, or venue. We do our utmost to make sure quilts from our contributors are well cared for while they are in our hands and...
    Posted to Quilting Daily by VivikaEditor on 15 Jan 2015
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  • Traditional and Modern Quilting: Designs and Techniques for Quilt Designs

    Learn to create your own quilt designs based on techniques from traditional and modern quilting styles with this free eBook.
    Posted to Quilting Arts Articles by Cate Prato on 23 May 2011
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