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  • New to Quilting and Looking for Help...

    I have only been quilting for a few weeks now and have already completed a few projects :) . I started working on a quilt for my daughter and had discovered a new technique (well, actually, it was new to me)- applique. Immediately I wanted to try it, but I am really not sure where to begin. I want to...
    Posted to Help, Feedback, and Suggestions by jc7102010 on 2 May 2013
  • "Getting Along" Picture Applique Quilt

    I have named my quilt “Getting Along”… since this is one of my favorite photos of my kids and it was a rare day because they were actually getting along with each other. I am also a huge fan of photos of people taken from behind… I don’t know why, but they are some of...
    Posted to Share Your Quilt & Fiber Art by sewsimplelife on 6 Feb 2013
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  • 1930's lady

    This art quilt /pictorial quilt is 17,3 x 20,5 " and framed. I have used machine quilting, applique and 3D appearance by letting the scarf of the hat stand out from the picture.
    Posted to Share Your Quilt & Fiber Art by Karen Hvid on 5 Feb 2013
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  • Re: Dunes and Ocean

    I hit the jack pot when I asked for guidance. I've learned so much from the comments. I want you all to know that I did add foam to the edge of the water with thread sketching. I pulled the water onto the sand just off the center line. I aged the mailbox with gray oil pastels. And I beefed up the...
    Posted to Critique My Art Quilt by mlcouch on 7 Nov 2011
  • Fabric Sky

    This is my 1st piece attempting to copy a photograph and using free motion stitching. I'd love critiques! Link to it here
    Posted to Critique My Art Quilt by Daydream Retreat on 12 Sep 2011
  • Along the Jordan River

    Based on original photo of the Jordan River in Northern Israel. This is part of my series on Scenes from the Holy Land. Machine pieced/ appliquéd and machine quilted cotton fabric. Dimensions: 22″ w x 30″ h www.cindyrquilts.com
    Posted to Share Your Quilt & Fiber Art by cindyrquilts on 22 Aug 2011
    Filed under: Landscape, Thread Painting, quilt, applique, quilted, wall hanging, Quilt Art, fiber art, wall art, thread art, Jordan River, Holy Land, Israel, batik cotton
  • Dunes and Ocean

    I'm new to art quilting and would love feedback. I want to learn more about perspective, shadowing, stitching in details... The actual size is about 14"x20". It depicts a mail box along the beach at Bird Island, Sunset Beach, NC. See what you think and thanks for looking. Hugs from Mary
    Posted to Critique My Art Quilt by mlcouch on 18 Aug 2011
  • 3 Red Birds and Wisteria Vines

    This is an original hand painted silk art quilt. I painted the background then the flowers and birds were painted on on another piece of silk, cut ourt and appliqued onto the background. Extensive free motion thread painting was also used to add details and depth to the picture.
    Posted to Share Your Quilt & Fiber Art by AsianArtAndQuilts on 22 Jan 2011
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  • A Font for Patrick

    This was a challenge piece in several ways. First off I came up with the design for a Challenge from my quilting guild (Pecos Valley Quilters, Roswell, NM) with the theme Holiday/Season and it also works for the Forum Challenge - It's My Nature here :) It also was a challenge in that I did a lot...
    Posted to Share Your Quilt & Fiber Art by DinahT on 19 Dec 2010
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  • Re: Finished wall art for a nursery-- first of a trio!

    What a beautiful piece! Just adorable. What was your inspiration? I also love your horse photo id? Just getting it finished is a major accomplishment regardless of time constraints. I think the frame idea was great. I too am new to quilt art. I love landscapes, realistic stuff. Not much on abstract though...
    Posted to Critique My Art Quilt by Lissa quilts on 10 Dec 2010
  • A Vist to Rock River-revised

    I tweaked the design just a bit today. I added some darker birch leaves including the one hanging over the roof slightly. I also added some flowers the the cottage where there used to be just foundation showing.....I also got out my fabric paint and darkened certain areas of the bridge. Now, I think...
    Posted to Share Your Quilt & Fiber Art by Peggy Szasz on 27 May 2010
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  • Re: My goddess series, and hello!

    Wow!! You have a natural talent for color and design. Like someone else said you could use inks or Micron pens which won't bleed on fabric to draw your faces, or hand embroidery them. When I applique small pieces I usually use something like Wonder Under and follow the manufactures directions. I...
    Posted to Critique My Art Quilt by Lana Book on 26 Mar 2010
  • 40th Anniversary

    This was a quilt I made for my parents 40th Anniversary. I didn't know what to buy them, so last minute I desided to make a wallhanging. I made this in a week and a half!!! It is full of symbolizm (?) The blue background was hand dyed, it's my mothers favorite color. The poem is a poem I wrote...
    Posted to Share Your Quilt & Fiber Art by caren12 on 3 Nov 2009
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  • Re: "Steam a Seam 2 and paintI

    Thank you for the reply- that's where I saw the wall hanging too. I loved it. Thank you for the link, it's exactly what I was looking for.
    Posted to Embellishment by 13Dandelions on 29 Jun 2009
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