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  • Episode 1603-1: Catherine Redford--Instructions for Beaded Edge Pincushions

    Catherine Redford demonstrates how to embellish a pincushion with a fancy beaded edge. Available for purchase in our online store. Click here .
    Posted to QA TV Series 1600 by Kristine Lundblad on 30 Jun 2015
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  • Cutting machine?

    I'm looking for a machine that will cut intricate patterns that I either cut out of card stock or I can draw them. There are many machines on the market but they seem to require dies or digital dies. I could swear I saw on qa tv a machine where you put in something you cut out of paper and sandwich...
    Posted to Embellishment by Avenuejames on 28 Apr 2013
  • Embellished Military Jacket

    Found a well made military jacket on clearance - it even had bound seam edges. Added some bead, fabric and embroidery embellishments. It took two tries to get it right - the first time was a bit too garish. The embellished jacket is fun to wear! Additional detail at: Destashification Project
    Posted to Wearable Art by KimberlyF@2 on 7 Feb 2013
  • Embellished Ready Made Dress

    It is rare that a ready-made dress fits well, or is comfortable, or is reasonably priced - but even rarer to have all three occur with one dress! So, obviously, it came home with me. The dress's only negative was four very large black plastic lozenge-shaped beads that were sewn to the empire waist...
    Posted to Embellishment by KimberlyF@2 on 9 Jun 2012
  • Quilted Felting - where to talk about it and share?!

    Not sure which of the subforums "Quilted Felting" belongs in, much less Art Quilting that incorporates polymer clay...so I will try here! In some ways, felting - be it by hand or by machine - is rightfully an embellishment. But at times what I am doing is creating cloth, which is then quilted...
    Posted to Mixed Media by RUEdOAK on 30 Jan 2012
  • Embossing Supplies

    Hi, Not sure if this should go here or in Surface Design, but here goes. I saw an episode that used embossing powder- I'd like to try it but am confused on what all I need and where to buy the stuff. Can someone give me a list of everything to make it work and the best place to buy it all? I looked...
    Posted to Embellishment by Wefish on 16 Nov 2011
  • Any advice....

    Hello! I'm new to the Quilting Arts world, but I've been hand quilting for many years. I have the urge to do more artistic pieces. I have done some beading, but that's it. Can anyone suggest a good book for me to start with that has some basic types of embellishments and ideas? Any help would...
    Posted to Embellishment by krdeleon on 19 Jul 2011
  • Mesa Canyons - Feedback needed

    approx 14" square, this piece mixes quilting, layering, polymer clay, beads, Shiva paint sticks, knit lace edging,needle felting, frayed edges. I am struggling to get a decent photo, as the roving always seems to turn to fuzz...and I realize now that I have loaded this that the beading and the hand...
    Posted to Critique My Art Quilt by RUEdOAK on 17 Jun 2011
  • Bird Nest Quilt

    This is a small quilt piece I created using many scraps, fiber, threads and fragments to make a nest. I inserted a fabric transfer bird into the middle. I further embellished the work with beads, buttons, and a small twig. I like to save my little scraps and threads in a little basket next to my sewing...
    Posted to Share Your Quilt & Fiber Art by moonwild on 23 Mar 2011
    Filed under: Art Quilt, recycle, Embellishment, craft mixed media, embellishments, Birds, art quilt, free-motion stitching, fiber art, nature, recycled fabrics, bird, quitling arts, fragments, art quilts
  • Diane Marie Chaudiere of Woodinville, WA. 2010 Calendar Contest Entry, Judges Choice Award

    Title: "OLACO" Challenge Theme: Fresh Picked Size: 12"W x 12"H x 1"D Sold Web site: www.chaudieredesign.com “Fresh Picked” means picking vegetables myself, right out of the garden. Better yet, to stand in the garden and graze. I have never used pesticides in my garden...
    Posted to Share Your Quilt & Fiber Art by Diane Marie Chaudiere on 11 May 2010
    Filed under: Embellishment, embellished, art quilts, fiber art, fiberart, Fiber Art, bontanicals, Diane Marie Chaudiere
  • Beneath The Surface

    Layers of collage begin with two similar fabrics. One is used for the background and the other is cut into organic shapes to be fused to the surface. Textile paint, angelina, buttons, metal rings and beads are added. Over the angelina, a slice of a geode is applied.
    Posted to Share Your Quilt & Fiber Art by Kathy Tuominen on 1 May 2010
    Filed under: fabric, free motion, wallhanging, fabric painting, Mixed media, Art Quilt, painted fabric, textile paint, Beaded Quilt, whimsical, beads, embroidery, machine quilting, mixed, batik, Fused, abstract, Embellishment, textile, textiledesign, collage, quilting art, acrylic, fibers, Inspired to Quilt, free motion stitching, art, detail, acrylic paint, quilted, free motion quilting, embellished, original design, machine embroidery, free-machine embroidery, embellishments, modern, art quilt, art quilting, contemporary, multicolor, free-motion stitching, quilts, mixed-media, wall hanging, Free machine embroidery, three dimensional, form, quilting, seed beads, bright colors, fantasy, free-motion quilting, art quilts, Fabric Collage, Quilt Art, fiber art, rock, free motion stitched, batiks, fusible, artquilt, fabricart, Innovative Abstract Art quilt, Innovative Art quilt, metal embellishments, angelina fibers, beads.
  • 3 of 3 bodices

    Close up of third bodice
    Posted to Share Your Quilt & Fiber Art by lin-e-bee on 14 Jul 2009
    Filed under: beading, beads, Embellishment, art, craft mixed media, Buttons
  • A *** of time

    I designed and made these bodices where inspired by period costume and the influences of other cultures. They have been mostly machined stiched, fabric manipulation and added feathers, beads and buttons. Curtaining fabric where used in these pieces.
    Posted to Share Your Quilt & Fiber Art by lin-e-bee on 14 Jul 2009
    Filed under: Embellishment, fabric manipulation, free motion stitching, art, craft mixed media
  • Butter wouldn't melt!

    I made my daughters communion dress in just under two months from designing the heavily embellished bodice (over 6000 beads from seed to bugle and several hundered sequins) to the final stitch. I was inspired by 'The Art of Manipulating Fabric' by Colette Wolff. For close ups of the detail please...
    Posted to Share Your Quilt & Fiber Art by Lesley@16 on 7 May 2009
    Filed under: beads, Embellishment, artnextdoor, embellisher, textiledesign, fabric manipulation
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