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  • 'A Summers Day' Quilted silk batik

    This was a moment I captured from my garden. It is a quilted silk batik with individually made Buddleia flowers and machine embroidered butterflies with some applied paint to the background.
    Posted to Share Your Quilt & Fiber Art by nicolahaigh on 31 Dec 2011
    Filed under: batik, butterflies, silk, quilted, machine embroidery, flower
  • "Flowers in the Sky"

    “Flowers in the Sky”, 9”W x 8.25”T x .25”D, was created and accepted into the sixth international biennial exhibit, of the World Textile Art Organization. The subject for all of the five exhibits was “Aire”, and were held, along with countless lectures and events...
    Posted to Share Your Quilt & Fiber Art by Nancy Smeltzer on 22 Sep 2011
    Filed under: machine embroidery, fiber art, Nancy Smeltzer, hand beading, art quilts, buttons and beads
  • Beneath The Surface

    Layers of collage begin with two similar fabrics. One is used for the background and the other is cut into organic shapes to be fused to the surface. Textile paint, angelina, buttons, metal rings and beads are added. Over the angelina, a slice of a geode is applied.
    Posted to Share Your Quilt & Fiber Art by Kathy Tuominen on 1 May 2010
    Filed under: fabric, free motion, wallhanging, fabric painting, Mixed media, Art Quilt, painted fabric, textile paint, Beaded Quilt, whimsical, beads, embroidery, machine quilting, mixed, batik, Fused, abstract, Embellishment, textile, textiledesign, collage, quilting art, acrylic, fibers, Inspired to Quilt, free motion stitching, art, detail, acrylic paint, quilted, free motion quilting, embellished, original design, machine embroidery, free-machine embroidery, embellishments, modern, art quilt, art quilting, contemporary, multicolor, free-motion stitching, quilts, mixed-media, wall hanging, Free machine embroidery, three dimensional, form, quilting, seed beads, bright colors, fantasy, free-motion quilting, art quilts, Fabric Collage, Quilt Art, fiber art, rock, free motion stitched, batiks, fusible, artquilt, fabricart, Innovative Abstract Art quilt, Innovative Art quilt, metal embellishments, angelina fibers, beads.
  • Sewing Techniques

    Sewing is an integral component of the artistic process for nearly all quilt artists. There are many different types of sewing techniques that can be used, including hand stitching, hand embroidery, free motion machine embroidery, free motion machine stitching, thread painting, thread sketching, and...
    Posted to Topics by pippapatchwork on 19 Jan 2010
    Filed under: hand embroidery, hand stitching, machine stitching, machine embroidery, quilting thread, free motion machine embroidery, free motion machine stitching, thread painting
  • Appliqued 'Migrant Mother'

    Though several years old I like to share one of my first fabric pictures with you. I gave it away and it has been behind glass up till now where I had the opportunity of taking photos of it.
    Posted to Share Your Quilt & Fiber Art by gurli.gregersen on 8 Jan 2010
    Filed under: fabric, application, applique, Appliqued, fabric portrait, machine embroidery, Gurli Gregersen
  • autumn branches

    The sparkle is from textiva film. I attached it with mistyfuse, covered it with tulle, used quilt backing for support and hand and machine embroidered on top of that.
    Posted to Share Your Quilt & Fiber Art by MarisaL@4 on 16 Nov 2009
    Filed under: hand embroidery, machine embroidery, tree branches, fusible web, tulle, textiva
  • 40th Anniversary

    This was a quilt I made for my parents 40th Anniversary. I didn't know what to buy them, so last minute I desided to make a wallhanging. I made this in a week and a half!!! It is full of symbolizm (?) The blue background was hand dyed, it's my mothers favorite color. The poem is a poem I wrote...
    Posted to Share Your Quilt & Fiber Art by caren12 on 3 Nov 2009
    Filed under: Art Quilt, Thread Painting, dyed fiber, Window, Fused, applique, free motion quilting, raw edge applique, hand painted fabric, machine embroidery, landacape, photo family quilt, hand dyed fabrics, wall hanging, trees, printed fabric, landscape quilt
  • Hello from Boston, MA

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone might have any insight, opinions, preferences to embroidery machines. I'm looking to purchase a machine that I am not subjected to buying the design cards... I'd rather have something I can download into a pen-drive and use a USB port. The only local shops around...
    Posted to Say Hello! by pebblesooo on 24 Sep 2009
  • Beautiful Bones

    Hand dyed background, free motion and hand embroidery, beading, 23x20", a play on the phrase "she had beautiful bone structure". What if our bones *are* beautiful? I'm thrilled to see this finally in the Sept/Oct 2009 Cloth Paper Scissors!!!!!!!
    Posted to Share Your Quilt & Fiber Art by arlee on 24 May 2009
    Filed under: hand dyed, arlee barr, Bones, Beaded Quilt, free motion stitching, hand embroidery, series, "The Artist's Body", skeleton, machine embroidery, anatomy, art quilt, published
  • Re: how are you using Lutradur in your fiber arts?

    [quote user="clsimmons"] use my husband's soldering iron to burn 'straighter' lines instead of using the heat gun. [/quote] If you want very straight lines, then put your lutradur or whatever fabric on something which won't melt - I have a piece of chipboard (wood) take a metal...
    Posted to General Discussion by FibreReaction on 15 May 2009
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