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  • 3-D Soft-Sculpted Flower Templates by Barb Forrister

    Download these templates to create the flowers shown in Barb Forr i ster's article "3-D Soft-Sculpture Flowers: Mixed-media Style" which appear s in the December 2013/January 2014 issue of Quilting Arts Magazine . Buy Th e Issue
    Posted to Online Extras by Larissa Davis on 13 Nov 2013
    Filed under: 3-D Soft-Sculpted Flowers, Mixed-media
  • Broken Images

    This piece is a Textile Collage made for the Shadow Box Show at The Textile Museum, Toronto, Canada. 8" x 8"
    Posted to Share Your Mixed-Media Art by Milena Radeva on 4 Dec 2010
    Filed under: mixed-media, Fabric Collage
  • Beneath The Surface

    Layers of collage begin with two similar fabrics. One is used for the background and the other is cut into organic shapes to be fused to the surface. Textile paint, angelina, buttons, metal rings and beads are added. Over the angelina, a slice of a geode is applied.
    Posted to Share Your Quilt & Fiber Art by Kathy Tuominen on 1 May 2010
    Filed under: fabric, free motion, wallhanging, fabric painting, Mixed media, Art Quilt, painted fabric, textile paint, Beaded Quilt, whimsical, beads, embroidery, machine quilting, mixed, batik, Fused, abstract, Embellishment, textile, textiledesign, collage, quilting art, acrylic, fibers, Inspired to Quilt, free motion stitching, art, detail, acrylic paint, quilted, free motion quilting, embellished, original design, machine embroidery, free-machine embroidery, embellishments, modern, art quilt, art quilting, contemporary, multicolor, free-motion stitching, quilts, mixed-media, wall hanging, Free machine embroidery, three dimensional, form, quilting, seed beads, bright colors, fantasy, free-motion quilting, art quilts, Fabric Collage, Quilt Art, fiber art, rock, free motion stitched, batiks, fusible, artquilt, fabricart, Innovative Abstract Art quilt, Innovative Art quilt, metal embellishments, angelina fibers, beads.
  • PVA glue

    A white, water-soluble glue good for most mixed-media projects. It dries transparent.
    Posted to Glossary by Barbara Delaney on 9 Sep 2009
    Filed under: glue, adhesive, mixed-media
  • Stuck, stuck, stuck!

    I started this piece with some of my hand-dyes a couple of weeks ago, went like gangbusters on it for a while and now I seem to have fallen off the inspiration train with a splat. I just don't know where to go from here- if anywhere (I'm asking myself if the piece even worth it. Not sure, yet...
    Posted to Critique My Art Quilt by Approachable Art on 28 Jul 2009
  • Brain Pan

    A dimensional form, Brain Pan is a play on words----the shape and the subject. Part of my "Artist's Body" series, hand dyed fabrics, copper, beading, cutwork and needlelace, hand and machine worked. 7x7x3"
    Posted to Share Your Quilt & Fiber Art by arlee on 19 Jul 2009
    Filed under: arlee barr, beading, 3d, brain, embroidery, self-portrait, fabric manipulation, copper, metal, hand embroidery, face, art, series, "The Artist's Body", needle lace, original design, machine embroidery, anatomy, vessel, hand dyed fabrics, mixed-media, three dimensional, form
  • Barn Quilt 1

    I used a photo I had taken to trace the image to fabric. I then used watercolor pencils to "color" the barn and used alo vera gel to "paint" over the pencil. I then used fabric from my stash to create the rest of the scene. The barn image is just 8.5x11 but I used the heavy backing...
    Posted to Share Your Mixed-Media Art by KalGal2 on 14 Jun 2009
    Filed under: watercolor, paint, mixed-media, Wall Hanging
  • "West"

    Torn paper flower collage using magazine pages, acrylic paint, stained tissue paper, wallpaper, and ink 12" square
    Posted to Share Your Mixed-Media Art by Serena Barton on 23 May 2009
    Filed under: paint, collage, mixed-media, paper, Serena Barton
  • Anne Boleyn

    My portrait of Anne Boleyn, second and most famous wife of Henry VIII of England. Anne is painted in acrylic. Her headdress is collaged from a reproduction of a letter from Henry to her, declaring his undying love. Other paper and ink elements are used in the piece, including a reproduction of Anne's...
    Posted to Share Your Mixed-Media Art by Serena Barton on 22 May 2009
    Filed under: paint, collage, mixed-media, Layers, paper, portrait, Anne Boleyn, Serena Barton
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