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  • A Very Grey Day

    Art quilt with finished dimensions of 24" x 35". Inspired by a photograph of a Great Blue Heron by Janis Morrison - Fresh Air Photography - used by permission. Georgia Andrews, F ê teshui Studio
    Posted to Share Your Quilt & Fiber Art by georgygirl on 12 Jun 2014
    Filed under: free motion quilting, original design, Birds, landscape quilt, art quilts, heron, fused collage
  • "Boston"

    Album: Your friends "BOSTON" This art quilt was created as a Christmas gift for a neighbor Lynne, to whom this little fellow belongs. I have the privilege of walking Boston for her every afternoon (Lynne has mobility challenges). Piece measures 16 1/2" x 17 1/2".
    Posted to Share Your Quilt & Fiber Art by georgygirl on 5 Jan 2014
    Filed under: original design, fabric portrait, landscape quilt, Quilt Art, Small Art Quilts, original art quilt, fused applique, Portrait Quilt, textile art, free motion stitching, pet portrait, dog quilts
  • Atomic Coffee Break

    I've always loved the styles of the 1950's, especially the Atomic Clock. This quilt was created from an original drawing and machine pieced and appliqued. My love of quilting began with a book on Amish quilts. I like the challenge of using only solid fabrics in keeping with the Amish tradition...
    Posted to Share Your Quilt & Fiber Art by bofogray on 19 Jun 2011
    Filed under: wallhanging, original design, modern, art quilting, contemporary, Fiber Art, wall quilt, Fabric wall hanging, fabric art, appliquéd, art quilts, original quilts, wall art, fused applique, machine stitching, quilted wall art, still life
  • Beneath The Surface

    Layers of collage begin with two similar fabrics. One is used for the background and the other is cut into organic shapes to be fused to the surface. Textile paint, angelina, buttons, metal rings and beads are added. Over the angelina, a slice of a geode is applied.
    Posted to Share Your Quilt & Fiber Art by Kathy Tuominen on 1 May 2010
    Filed under: fabric, free motion, wallhanging, fabric painting, Mixed media, Art Quilt, painted fabric, textile paint, Beaded Quilt, whimsical, beads, embroidery, machine quilting, mixed, batik, Fused, abstract, Embellishment, textile, textiledesign, collage, quilting art, acrylic, fibers, Inspired to Quilt, free motion stitching, art, detail, acrylic paint, quilted, free motion quilting, embellished, original design, machine embroidery, free-machine embroidery, embellishments, modern, art quilt, art quilting, contemporary, multicolor, free-motion stitching, quilts, mixed-media, wall hanging, Free machine embroidery, three dimensional, form, quilting, seed beads, bright colors, fantasy, free-motion quilting, art quilts, Fabric Collage, Quilt Art, fiber art, rock, free motion stitched, batiks, fusible, artquilt, fabricart, Innovative Abstract Art quilt, Innovative Art quilt, metal embellishments, angelina fibers, beads.
  • Chimneys

    We have small group of like minded friends,and give ourselves a monthly challenge where we select a subject, this one of my chimneys journal piece. I based it on industrial waste chimneys - free motion stiching - and painted with Luminer paints.
    Posted to Share Your Quilt & Fiber Art by lin-e-bee on 28 Aug 2009
    Filed under: paint, free motion stitching, journal quilt, original design
  • 3 new Gypsy Cats

    made from felted wool sweaters and stuffed with LOVE!
    Posted to Share Your Quilt & Fiber Art by debdidit on 30 Jul 2009
    Filed under: whimsical, recycle, upcycle, recycled art, original design, felted sweaters
  • Brain Pan

    A dimensional form, Brain Pan is a play on words----the shape and the subject. Part of my "Artist's Body" series, hand dyed fabrics, copper, beading, cutwork and needlelace, hand and machine worked. 7x7x3"
    Posted to Share Your Quilt & Fiber Art by arlee on 19 Jul 2009
    Filed under: arlee barr, beading, 3d, brain, embroidery, self-portrait, fabric manipulation, copper, metal, hand embroidery, face, art, series, "The Artist's Body", needle lace, original design, machine embroidery, anatomy, vessel, hand dyed fabrics, mixed-media, three dimensional, form
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