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  • Spring into Quilt Art - Free Fabric Friday

    It's Free Fabric Friday! We're giving away a free set of "Family Tree" fat quarters from Moda. This "Family Tree" fabric by Moda could be for your next quilt art project. Leave a comment for a chance to win. All you have to do for a chance at the fabric is tell me: What was...
    Posted to Quilting Daily by VivikaEditor on 17 Apr 2014
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  • Modern Quilt Perspectives: What's it All About?

    A Note from Vivika: Please allow me to introduce--or re-introduce--you to modern quilt artist Thomas Knauer. A self-described "math geek," Thomas began combining math, aesthetics, and concepts at an early age (his high school had a weaving studio!). He taught design Drake University and the...
    Posted to Handmade Quilt Art by VivikaEditor on 27 Mar 2014
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  • Keep Quilt Squares Aligned with a Fusible Interfacing Fabric Grid

    Many readers have commented on how much they like Deborah Hyde's artwork on the cover of the April/May 2014 issue of Quilting Arts Magazine . In addition to the sheer beauty of the work, they are amazed at, and curious about, how Deborah manages to sew those 1" squares together. 'Lucy ITSWD'...
    Posted to Quilting Daily by VivikaEditor on 24 Mar 2014
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  • How to Make a Quilt By Hand: Reflecting on My First and Latest Projects - and a Contest!

    Why did I ever take up quilting? Necessity! I was 16 years old and redecorating my impossibly small bedroom. A section of my second quilt, when I was a newbie at quilt making. Armed with a redwork pattern of kittens in a variety of poses and a few yards of calico, I set to work. Twelve embroidered blocks...
    Posted to Quilting Daily by VivikaEditor on 14 Mar 2014
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  • Jazz Up Small Quilting Projects with Couching

    During the time when I was regularly creating prayer flags, I made a series with tiny paper tags attached. On the tag I glued words cut from old books--little phrases that fit the intention of the flag. Here I used a basic couching stitch on the tag, undulating the string to add interest. The little...
    Posted to Quilting Daily by VivikaEditor on 5 Mar 2014
    Filed under: Embroidery, Quilting Designs, Fabric Art, Quilt Patterns, Quilting Techniques, Small Quilting Projects, Easy Quilt Patterns
  • Sewing Appliques: Tips and Tricks for Professional Results

    Here we are, the last stop on Kevin Kosbab's blog hop celebrating his new book, The Quilter's Appliqué Workshop . But Kevin hasn't run out of information to share about how to applique --and we have a copy of his book to give away. Kevin Kosbab shows you how to easily achieve beautiful...
    Posted to Handmade Quilt Art by VivikaEditor on 28 Feb 2014
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  • How to Make a Patchwork Quilt: Tips for Using Jelly Rolls

    I know quilters who enjoy piecing quilts and quilters who enjoy free-motion stitching quilts. But I don't know too many whose favorite part of quilting is cutting the fabric--especially if they're preparing to make a large patchwork quilt. Cutting takes a long time and it can be back-breaking...
    Posted to Quilting Daily by VivikaEditor on 26 Feb 2014
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  • Traditional and Modern Quilting: Designs and Techniques for Quilt Designs

    Learn to create your own quilt designs based on techniques from traditional and modern quilting styles with this free eBook.
    Posted to Quilting Arts Articles by Cate Prato on 23 May 2011
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