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  • Midnight Garden

    My latest project is still in the works. Today I am stitching the motifs down. This piece is roughly 5' x 6' , most of the motifs are paper pieced, and appliqued to the background. I'v spent 40+ hours on it so far and still much to do The Stars are from Carol Doak's book "Fifty Fabulous...
    Posted to Share Your Quilt & Fiber Art by loxsis on 13 Feb 2013
    Filed under: wall hanging, quilted wall art, home decor, Mariners Compass, Fabric Flowers
  • Portrait of a Percolator

    This quilt is based on an award winning design of a 1950's style electric percolator (including chunky cord). It measures 16.75" x 20.5 inches. It was created from 100% hand-dyed and commercial cotton/cotton blends. Portrait of a Percolator is fused, appliqued and machine quilted.
    Posted to Share Your Quilt & Fiber Art by bofogray on 4 Feb 2012
    Filed under: ART Quilt contest, Appliqued, art quilting, contemporary, hand dyed fabrics, wall hanging, art quilts, dyed fabric, small quilt, wall quilt, cotton, art-quilt, fabric art, original art quilt, wall art, fused applique, quilted wall art, wall hangings, appliqué
  • 'Next Generation' Quilted batik

    This is a piece of silk batik which I have quilted with hand sewn stamens.
    Posted to Share Your Quilt & Fiber Art by nicolahaigh on 13 Aug 2011
    Filed under: hand dyed, wallhanging, quilt, batik, quilting art, free motion quilting, free-machine embroidery, wax resist, art quilt, art quilting, wall hanging, flower, quilting, free-motion quilting, art quilts, Quilt Art, batiks, artquilt, embroidey, wax, hand embroidery, decorative thread, wall quilt, hand stitched, hand painted silk art quilt, wall quilts, original quilts, free motion machine embroidery, wall art, cloth, garden quilt art, quilted wall art, textile art, free motion couching, wall hangings, . original art quilt
  • Checks & Balances: Art Quilt by Caryl Bryer Fallert

    This quilt is a visual interpretation of a philosophical concept. "Checks and Balances" is a term most of us first heard in our high school civics classes, an idea to which we aspire in government and in the world around us, and often fall short. Perhaps the best way to achieve balance is to...
    Posted to Share Your Quilt & Fiber Art by bryerpatch on 15 Jul 2011
    Filed under: free motion, wallhanging, Art Quilt, quilt, quilting art, free motion stitching, art, quilted, free motion quilting, fabric portrait, art quilt, art quilting, free-motion stitching, quilts, wall hanging, design, green, quilting, abstract art quilting, free-motion quilting, art quilts, Quilt Art, fiber art, free motion stitched, anatomical textile art, figurative, Fiber Art, abstract figurative, Alliance for American Quilts, wall quilt, freemotion, Fabric wall hanging, fiber, art-quilt, fabric art, quitling arts, woven background, art quilts, wall quilts, wall art, quilted wall art, quiltted, free-motion, fiber Art. portraits, free motion stitching, Abstract innovative Art, wall hangings
  • Cornered

    This quilt was created from an original drawing of my favorite green chair. It is machine pieced using only solid colored fabrics and machine quilted with black thread as in the Amish tradition.
    Posted to Share Your Quilt & Fiber Art by bofogray on 19 Jun 2011
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  • fall landscape, machine stitched and fused

    Posted to Share Your Quilt & Fiber Art by softartbeth on 2 May 2011
    Filed under: fabric, fabric painting, Fused, textile, quilted, batik fabrics, leaves, art quilt, art quilting, multicolor, free-motion stitching, quilts, wall hanging, trees, quilting, mini quilt, stitches, dyed fabric, fabricart, Fiber Art, Layers, Fusible Art, warm colors, stitched, freemotion, landscape art, art-quilt, quitling arts, scenery, pictoral, wall quilts, original quilts, blue, fused fabric, mountain, machine stitching, quilted wall art
  • Circular Definition - fiber art wall hanging

    Circular Definition started life as a blank section of muslin. Rubber stamps and free motion quilting created the background of the center section. Then layers of textures were added. A photo I took one day while out treasure hunting of an old clock is printed on silk. Old turn of the century news paper...
    Posted to Share Your Quilt & Fiber Art by roycecreative on 24 Apr 2011
    Filed under: roycecreative, wall hanging, graphicthreads, clock works, quilted wall art
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