Quilting Arts Magazine | August-September 2015 Preview

Dive into inspiration, information, and so much more with the August/September issue of Quilting Arts Magazine. Break out your sewing machine and discover the possibilities of decorative stitching by machine as you explore the work of Jane Sassman, Frieda Anderson, and Karen Linduska. Use mixed media and stitch to tell stories with texture, add sparkle and shine with quick tips for embellishing with sequins and beads, or create a wholecloth quilt with color and stitch. Plus, explore more than 25 art quilts that are sure to provide endless inspiration!


Order your copy of Quilting Arts Magazine August/September 2015 today to:

  • Savor spontaneity when you learn how to construct and piece a quilt without a pattern.
  • Go crazy with glue! Create batik-like results using washable glue as a resist.
  • Reconnect with your creativity as you learn more about Mark Lipinski’s Slow Stitching Movement.
  • Align your studio time with a balanced combination of what you’re good at and what you like to do.
  • Be inspired by the styles, stitchery, and creativity of the art quilts featured in the ‘Birds of a Feather’ Reader Challenge.
  • And more!

Quilt Artists featured in this issue:

  • Pat Pauly
  • Cecile Whatman
  • Donna Barnitz
  • Desiree Habicht
  • And many more!

Other topics you may enjoy:

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