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I am an artist and educator living in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Since 1984 I exhibited my paintings, collages and installations in New Orleans and in other cities around the country.  I took an extended hiatus from full-time studio work in the mid 90’s.  In the midst of renovating my 1890s house and heading the visual arts department of a private k-12 school,   I began exploring fiber techniques for creating art.   The materiality of fibers and the techniques of sewing, embroidery, and crochet, are well suited to my ideas about surface, structure and color.    I incorporate multiple techniques in my stitched work.  Through these explorations I have also found my way back to painting and collage, either incorporating fiber techniques directly or thru maintaining the active surface of my stitched works.  Check out my website to see my work.



  • 3 Apr 2010
  • My art on exhibit!

    Two of my artworks, "Bodyscape" and  "Katrina's Mantle"are on display in "Metaphoric Fibers: Untamed Knitting and Crochet" at the Textile Center in Minneapolis until April 17, 2010.  The jurors, Adrienne Sloane and Karen Searle, recently authored a book titled "Knitting Art".