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I am a quilt artist, drawn to manipulating fabric and fibers in order to communicate my creative message to the viewer.

I work with fibers because of their tactile qualities and utilize the tradition of quilting because of it's direct interaction with humanbeings.  My goal is to draw the viewer into the piece thereby allowing for an emotional dialogue to begin.  I hope that you will find my work to be exciting, beautiful and when necessary - provacotive.

I love both traditional and non-traditional quiltmaking techniques.  As for my design process - well that just depends on the image in my head.  Sometimes an image or design comes to me quickly and clearly.  I know the fabrics and techniques that need to be used and the process to completion simply flows.  Othertimes, I simply play in the medium working organically with mearly a seed of an idea.  This is the most exciting way for me to work.  It is not unlike bringing a child into the world.  I keep working not really knowing just how it will look in the end until I make the final touches of detail - that final "push" bringing forth the piece that has caused me to lose sleep and set all other chores and obligations aside.

I have lived in North Carolina for 9 years.  It was here that I joined my first quilt guild, the Cabarrus Quilters Guild in Concord.  I was President of the guild for two years after which a fellow board member and I formed a small group for members interested in art quilts.  We have become a tightly knit group of artists with a drive to develop and grow creatively together.  I am so greatful for thier friendship and support.  You can keep track of our projects via our Blog at

I have a Bachelor of Arts from Marymount College and a Master of Fine Arts in Textile Design from Rochester Institute of Technology.  I grew up in the Northeast, primarily in Albany New York. I studied and worked in Europe before moving to Concord North Carolina with my husband Tim, where we are now raising our incredible daughter and building a beautiful life for ourselves.