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70 years old

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I'm 65 years old and have been quilting since 1979.  I don't actually make a lot of quilts any more but I still make quilts... ?  :)  Everything I do is by hand - machines and I are not best of friends and I have the wholly 3rd finger on my right hand to prove it... 

I had a car accident in 1990 and realized soon after that doing the actual quilting just wasn't going to happen any more so I improvised by making fabric art that I hand appli-pieced and stapled to a frame to hang.  It was like painting with fabric.

These days, the pieces I make are very small.  I'm doing a series that are 3"X4", unquilted, hand sewn with a backing and a piece of cardboard shoved in the middle so that they stand up by themselves.   They are not complicated little pieces but I love the freedom they give me to experiment.  Most are done in a few hours...  I also have on the table a small piece of fabric art that I started in 2000 but never finished... it will be finished now that I have subtracted and added a few things to it.

I love simple pieces... that evoke the colour and the colour evokes the design... I'm way more about colour than about anything else.  My ideas of colour have changed dramatically in the last year or so.  At one time muted colours were my thing... they still are but now I like to add a bit of a jolt here and there... for spice, so to speak.