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Hello Quilting Arts Community!

My name is Bonnie Jackson. I learned to sew at my mother's side at a very young age and enjoyed the craft for many years. Somehow it fell by the wayside as my children began to grow - especially when they were "too old" to wear anything I made for them. Now that everyone is almost grown and independent I have decided it's time for me again. After much deliberation I decided the thing I most wanted to do was resurrect my love of sewing. Little did I know that there was so much more going on than I had imagined. Fibre Arts, Art Quilting, Blogs galore, Websites galore. I have found such inspiration and, to be honest, have spent more time in front of my computer getting excited about this new world and all it has to offer that I am not getting much sewing done!

I am quite fascinated with Fibre Arts and Quilting Arts. I would love to learn all about dying and embellishment techniques. This site is going to offer me that and so much more.

I have started my own blog, not so much for the outside world just yet, but more to keep me on track. I wanted to be inspired to not only start a project but to finish it. In order to make my posts I must finish projects to share. This is my motivation. I hope you come and visit me sometime at

I 'm looking forward to making lots of friends here and learning even more!


  • 28 Nov 2010
  • My Blog!

    Hi all,

    I'm old to sewing but new to the world of Fibre Arts and Quilting Arts. Come visit me at my blog as I explore this new adventure. Help and tips along the way will always be welcome.