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Adirondack Mountains

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My husband and I have integrated our artistic interests with our careers and created one life-work together that is ever-evolving and changing; just as artistic expression changes with each new inspiration. Our main creation is a seasonal "environment" that is offered as a quiet and inspiring retreat for art-making, relaxing and for the enjoyment of the beautiful natural surroundings of mountains, streams, trees, lakes, etc. The creation of the cottages are ever-changing and fluid so to offer a welcoming and living environment for artistic inspiration, expression and opportunity. From art quilting or traditional quilting-to oil and water-color painting; or stamping and paper crafting or scrapbooking, or to making sculptures or casting metal and pewter figures; from photography of some of the most beautiful places in the world to wood carving or antique collecting, there is no limit of opportunities to share and learn the joys of artistic expression. We enjoy learning from our guests and those who desire to try something new, and those who may wish to share a technique of their own.

The personal largest bodies of work are the creation of the cottages themselves; built with natural, native woods and adorned with our own art pieces and quilts, as well as gifts from talented and generous guests. Resources native to the mountain foothills were used in construction and many of the cottage decor items were created in the art and sewing studios, as well as in the workshop and occasionally on the picnic grounds. The cottages are meant to offer a "private home away from home feeling" with no intrusions; a place to truly relax, and as a resource for those who are in need of natures inspiration and peaceful environments. They offer a haven that is the bridge between the village and nature, with its many beautiful gifts that surround the unique location. Our cottage project is offered as a means to escape from the fast-moving world that limits time and space for artistic freedom and commands so much of our lifes energy and time. The goal is to encourage art-making in its many forms. We created each cottage to offer privacy and an environment for inspiration. We believe that art heals; and that opportunity for artistic expression encourages the "flow within the creative process itself" and this process contributes joy to the earth that we all lovingly share.