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Ballston Spa

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I am currently an unemployed graphic artist after spending the last 20+ years in the newspaper business.  I have always had an appreciation for fine art and have tried my hand in many different art mediums (embroidery, cross-stitching, crocheting, mosaics, glass etching, sewing, graph paper designs, and on and on).  I am advanced in crochet and filet crochet, and bought a fancy (expensive) embroidery machine, which I have found is not as much fun or challenging as doing it yourself.  My philosophy is the more tedious it is, the more I enjoy it.  I am too much a perfectionist for my own good (but I'm working on that).  I got into doing mosaics working with granite and marble.  This is a very expensive hobby as you can imagine and as you can imagine.  I would cut all the little pieces from 12" square tiles myself.  To buy the pieces already cut, would have just been too much of an expense.  My husband and I purchased a big fancy wet tile jigsaw in which I could cut custom shapes from the tiles.  Mosaics, as much I loved it, was making me physically sick and I gave it up.  I have always loved stained glass (never tried an actual stained glass piece), but I did a lot of research on the subject and came close.  I also have developed a love of fabrics and there are so many that have a "stained glass" or marble look to them, that I decided that if I couldn't work with actual glass or marble tiles, then why not try to imitate the same look through the use of fabrics?  That's what I did and the result was amazing. I do not have any professional art training or degrees, but I research, research, research and learn as much as I can on the medium I'm working on.  Quilting Arts has been a HUGE help in the area of research and learning.  I now have a piece in a gallery and am working on getting them more stuff per their request.  I live in upstate New York with my husband, am a mother of 2 children and a huge cat.