Kelli Nina Perkins

My Bio

I'm a librarian in Holland, Michigan and love to create art in my free time. I could be napping (just like during free time in Kindergarten) but there is so much to create, who has time to rest? I banned television from my home about 5 years ago and I don't miss it. My two teens keep my "cool factor" engaged. They teach me about great new bands and I teach them about the meaning of life. It's a fair trade.

I've been incredibly privileged to have an ongoing relationship with Cloth Paper Scissors. I will never forget the day I first heard about the fledgling magazine. It was truly life-changing. One minute I was holed up in my bedroom making altered books on a folding card table and the next my eyes were opened to colors, textures and inspirations that resonated with my artistic soul. I am ever thankful to Pokey and John Bolton for expanding the world of mixed media and pushing artists everywhere to greater heights. I've been able to interract with wonderful fiber, quilt and mixed media artists and they have changed me forever. I'm excited that we can share this great community now. Artists are amazing people. You're one too--that's why you're here.