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My Bio

I am mixed media artist with a passion for quilting, surface design, and book making. I enjoy working with both paper and fabric and it’s the exploration of finding and discovering new ways to manipulate and embellish them that drive me into the studio and inspire me every day.

I work very intuitively in the studio usually designing as I go letting the materials I’m working with guide the process. I enjoy working in 3D and creating sculptural objects, such as boxes or vases, or functional ones like journals and sketchbooks. The challenge of taking a flat surface created with paper, fabric or a combination of both and giving it form to stand on its own is incredibly exciting to me.

My goal has never been to create a perfect and flawless item. It is to create a piece that excites the viewers eyes when they look at it, makes them wonder when they hold it in their hands and inspires their own imagination when they consider how it was created. 


  • 5 May 2009
  • my new silk shibori video!

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