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I taught myself to sew at 11 after seeing my friend's Mom sew her a skirt. I was stunned that people made clothing and not machines (OK, I was 11). My parents and grandparents bought me a Brother as a BD/Xmas combo present. My first garment ended up in the trash but within a few years I was designing and making gowns. I sewed for $ during college and worked in fabric stores. Unfortunately my professional life kept me separated from sewing until I moved to Maine at 30. Then I really went to town. I taught painting, basketry, chair caning and fly tying (yes, I am a fly fisher - catch and release only) at local adult ed programs.

Although my connection to art in general has been life long, last year I caught an episode of "Quilting Arts" on my PBS station and I knew I had found "my people". I bought almost every DVD made by QA, as well as QA & cloth.paper,scissors magazines. It's been like finding the holy grail. I have just gone nuts doing all kinds of work. I found a woman at an art venue who was interested in the same sorts of quilting techniques and we now have a weekly "play date" trying new techniques together. I wish I could find some more women who are interested in doing work together. My small coastal Maine town hosts Fiber College in the summer. Mary Ellen Krantz lives in the next town summers and Sarah Ann Smith is about 20 miles away. I know how lucky I am to have found my peeps and I am really enjoying my new life.


  • 26 Jan 2010
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