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I am a retired nurse specialist in Palliative Care and Malignant Pain Management. NOW, I am on a steep learning curve in all my passions..quilting, fabric, thread, colour, journals, fibre art, Canadian Embroidery Guild, art dolls, art quilting, New York Beauty Quilts, Karen Stone Quilt designs,pigs, Harry Potter, chocolate, beagles, water falls & ponds and beading. Been married 42 years to a great guy who has taken up cooking, cleaning, water falls & ponds and wife support in his retirement......HIS choice! His favourite sayings: stay out of MY kitchen [ok], does "this" need to be here? [yes], Are you buying more stuff! [of course!]. Will you clean up this mess? [not on your life...that is art!] ...I love people, humour [black is ok], random acts of kindness, smiles, helping, giving, trying to make my corner of the world a little more friendly...BIG hugs , Lynda