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I live in Canberra, Australia and have been a quilter since about 1976.  I have been interested in art quilting since the late 90's.  I am currently doing a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) degree and am finding it very challenging (and time consuming!).  The decision to do a degree came as a result of years of admiring quilts that were shown on the pages of books, magazines and, of course, Quilting Arts.  Often I would read about a particular artist or buy their books and found they often had a formal background in art.  Although largely self-taught I found I lacked the discipline and the strength of my convictions to see through my creative ideas.  I made plenty of quilts but the really original stuff tended to stayed in my journal or half finished in a UFO pile.  I am hoping that this education will give me the confidence to problem solve and finish more work.  I also enjoy painting, particularly watercolour and have attended uni extension courses in acrylics and watercolours, but am very much a beginner.  This is my first time on a site such as this although many years ago I was on the Art Quilters list.

I have four children, am a public servant, part time, and am married to a man who can cope with fabric.....and paint....everywhere!  I tend to like staying at home as much as possible so do not attend any groups although I have a quilting friend with whom I get together with once a fortnight.