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76 years old

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I have always loved making things, but really never had the chance or time to do much of it until retirement.  I still don't have much time to spend at my passion, but I think about making things all the time.  The community of fiber artists I've met online inspires me and I'm blessed to call many of them friends.

I live with my BFF Larry in the house we built with our own hands 47 years ago.  He is a gifted carpenter and we collaborate on many projects, the latest being a 3 year "update the old homestead" marathon.  We spent most of the first 8 years of our retirement staying warm in Arizona's sunshine and cooling off in southwest Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains.  Having gotten that out of our system (though we still like to travel) we decided to stay home where we have all our tools and raw materials, family and lifelong friends.  Life is good.

We love company and have room for friends who are passing through central Indiana.  We are 20 NE of Indy, just off I-69.  Reservations or walk-ins welcome.  Give me enough notice so I can tidy up the place and check the food supply!