My Bio

I was born in Ohio in 1952 and am the third generation to live in this small town. I have always loved art, music, crafts, antiques, pets, flowers, and sewing. I love to combine my hobbies by taking digital pictures and printing to fabric or putting a watercolor pencil to cloth and playing. I started quilting in 1997 and have really enjoyed purchasing books to learn new techniques and patterns. I work part time at our local IGA wrapping meat and swim at the Rec-Center three days a week. The old knees need the workout as the arthritis is trying to steal my mobility. I used to put out a huge garden and put up the harvest. I used to love to hunt deer with a bow and fish or ride bike. Now I love to take pictures of old barns and flowers. I am really enjoying this sight and all the wonderful artists I am drawing inspiration from. I hope there will be those who will be able to draw something from me in return. I live here with my husband and one cat. My grown son also lives in town also, and we share a ride to the Rec-Center which makes it nice to be able to see one another so often.