Jody Johnson

My Bio

I am a full-time mother to 2 lovely, energetic little girls (who will give any boy a run for his money) and work outside of the house 4 days a week. Quilting is currently my hobby and escape from the other demands in my life but I would love to earn an income from it, at least enough to pay for my supllies.

I have been quilting since 2001 and started the transition toward art quilting in 2004. I love trying new things and I am willing to adopt and try any technique that helps me achieve my vision. While I was a stickler for rules as a kid and was ever so fearful of the consequences if I broke them, I have finally come to realize the world will not come to an end if I step outside the box! 

The subject matter of my quilts is highly varied. In general though, I tend to be drawn to geometric shapes and subject matter inspiried by the Southern Alberta (Canada) landscape where I was born and raised. I am a true believer of less is more and try to incorporate that into my artwork.