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As a young child, I learned to sew, knit and  embroider.  In my forties, I added quilting to my  repertoire, while raising two children and  supporting an ailing husband.  For 30 years I was supremely organized, responsible and competent, by turns a nurse, a credit-and-collections officer, an investment advisor, and a financial planning report writer.

Then I turned 50, and discovered my right brain.  I began to experiment with fabric, fibre, floss, paint and dye.  At first, it was pure grief therapy; now, it is pure joy: loose and spontaneous design married to skilled stitchery and embellishment.  I am inspired by my Creator outside, in Nature, and inside, in Spirit, expressing what I see and feel in the medium of art quilts.

I am a widow with 2 grown children, who live on their own.  I live in a hamlet in Central Alberta, with my cat, Diesel.  In addition to art quilting, I love to read, knit, garden, spin, and take long walks in the countryside.  I am along-time subscriber to Quilting Arts!