My Bio

I sewed my first dress in Jr. High. I remember the color, the type of fabric, the special trim I put on it, but most of all I remember how it made me feel after I completed it. Suddenly I had a most special power…the power of creation! I have been seduced by it ever since.

I live in North Florida and I get to play in my home studio almost any day I want. And most days I want. I keep it well supplied and organized, ready to support my inspirations. I am a working artist, so I divide my time in the studio with my production work (right now, lots of fabric covered journals) and original artworks, sometimes done in a series.

I absolutely love Quilting Arts and Cloth Paper Scissors. I look forward to meeting others in this community.    

You can check out some of my creations on this site under the tag "loligirl's art" and here:

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