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Hello to fellow Quilting Arts readers - I started quilting 20 years ago. I've sewn all my life.  My Mother and Grandmother were seamstresses, tailors, beaders, crafters, and very creative. Both had that special gift (we called it "the eye"_) to choose just the right fabric,color,texture and highlight embellishment to make beautiful goods. They are a tough act to follow. I am sure they would be amused at my art quilts. Very Very amused.

10 years ago I started with some realistic landscape quilts - what fun. Quilting Arts magazine caught my eye. What freedom! What a breath of fresh air blew into this ancient art for me.  Perfect patchwork corners didn't matter anymore. Squares and triangles no longer ruled my life! MY maternal, genetic, artistic CORSET WAS LOOSENED!  Did you figure out that humor is a large part of my life and my quilting?

By profession, I am a high school Science and English teacher, working long hours. I love the students and the subjects; teaching also allows some creativity. Frequently I'll hang an art quilt in the classroom. It's fun to hear what how student respond to fabric art.  However, quilting play is my escape. Recently divorced, art quilting became my survival therapy. A dozen "Divorce Quilts" took me through the darkest hours - expressing sorrow, anger, frustration, more anger, growth, co-dependency, change and healing. There's an article, a book, or show in that collection - friends noted how familiar(even iconic) the journaled images+emotions are for any woman who's experienced the trauma of divorce.  I'd gladly correcspond with any art quilter who is experiencing trauma or grief.  The physical movement of quilting, the colors, the production, and the product are wonderful forms of therapy, expression, and healing. 

I'd like to sound out artsy quilty ideas, fabrics, dyes, how to's with others, and wish I had a couple of fabric playmates.  Working full time and current economics eliminate meetings, cancel any hope of travel to shows, and $$$ limit pricey workshops.  So your reader communication seems just the ticket. I look forward to reading other fun, free form, un-corseted fabric artists.

Thank you, Mary J