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I have been involved with some form of needlework since my Grandmother showed me how to thread a needle, knit, and crochet.  I am a self taught quilter since the mid 70's. In the past eight or so years, I have wanted to express myself artistically.  I want to break some rules, color outside the lines - all the cliches that have held me to a more rigid format.  I love to dye fabric and create sun prints, and I am learning/exploring other surface design techniques. I can draw stick figures really well - other things - well, I try! My studio is scattered through out our tiny house, but my favorite area to work is under the pergola in the garden.

I live in the desert area of Eastern Washington  with my sweetie of a husband and three rescue cats.  I walk everyday along the Columbia River where I watch the flora and fauna change with the seasons and pet  other walker's dogs. It is there that I free my mind of the daily minutae and find peace.