My Bio

My name is Barbara. I live in Melbourne, Australia with my husband and daughter, two cats and two green tree frogs and  Mum, Dad and sister in unit out the back! Multi gernerational living at it's best! 

I'm just at the beginning of discovering what I like in thread art but thread painting seems to be what draws me back every time as the technique I want to do myself.  BUT I love to see what others are doing and enjoy the many facets of thread and fabric art that people are creating. 

My relationship with my sewing machine has endured art smocks for kindergarten , dog and cat beds for Animal Aid, school production costumes and ballet costumes including my greatest achievement helping to make 22 tutus which involved gathering hundreds of meters of prickly tulle!!  I am lucky that my daughter now makes her own (and others) costumes and I can now get on with exploring more artistic persuits without deadlines:)

My web site  gallery shows photos of my progress so far.

My picture is of our little cat " Tic" who is always in my work room trying to help.