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Hello all,

My name is Lindsay Stowell. I have been quilting since I was about 9, continually training with my mom, also an avid quilter. Although I do not knit and sew clothing as she does, I absolutely adore quilting. I am addicted to fabric and love all things bright: jewel tone fabrics, graphic and bold prints, Batiks, and my own hand-dyes. Many of my quilts reflect my background in Graphic Design, a field in which I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from SUNY Oswego. I enjoy designing my own quilt patterns or tweeking traditional patterns to add new flair. I am certainly no perfectionist. I like the character that slight "mistakes" in a quilt add to its personality. I welcome new techniques and ideas on how I can improve my skills.

I have made quilts for my home, friends, family, and competitions. However, I rarely win anything. One of my greatest aspirations is to enter more quilt contests to show my work to a greater audience. Of course, the cash prizes are an awesome bonus! Mainly, I would like to inspire others to try new things, work outside of traditional boundaries, and remember to have fun. I feel obligated to pass on what my mother and others have taken the time to teach me. I hope to someday start teaching and possibly have my patterns published. Quilters of all ages should be encouraged to help our tradition evolve and continue to survive well into the future. Just as our elders are important in teaching the skills we need, young hearts are crucial to ensure our quilting future.