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Hi, I’m Linda Teddlie Minton, and I’m a studio artist, working in both fiber and mixed media.  Beading is also a current passion.


Even as a traditional quilter in the 1970’s, I experimented with alternative fabrics, color, and design.  When my interests began to include paint, paper, synthetic fibers and found objects, I discovered my horizons expanding beyond my imagination.


In addition to being an experimentalist, I’m also inspired by both the traditional needle arts and the innovative techniques I find in workshops with other artists.  In fact, with no formal art training and preferring to work in an experimental state of mind, I consider myself a perpetual student.  I also enjoy teaching in an informal atmosphere.


Metal manipulation, beading, encaustics, fabric-painting and dyeing often find their way into my work, as well as other surface design techniques when I find the time to indulge myself in further experimentation.


You can see my work at  Most of what you see on my blog will be my own artwork, but occasionally I will showcase a favorite artist or friend's work as well.


About Linda:

A born-and-bred Texan, Linda has spent most of her life in Houston, with occasional time-outs for international travel.  For the last 5 years, she has begun using her maiden name as her middle name, in order to honor her parents.  Linda has been published in Karey Bresenhan’s book, “Creative Quilting: The Journal Quilt Project” ( .  She curated the on-line Journal Quilt project, “Braving the Elements”, at, with the aid of webmaster G. Armour Van Horn (  In addition, Linda participated last year in Robin Atkins’ first Bead Journal Project (  She shows and sells her work at the Copper Shade Tree Gallery ( in Round Top, Texas, as well as at occasional shows in the Houston area.