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My Bio

I began quilting when my son was sick.  While he slept, I hand stiched pieces trying to find my way through his illness.  It was as if each stitch became a prayer.  Instead of using a rosary and reciting the Our Fathers and Hail Marys, I stitched and created trying to work through the pain.  After Tyler passed away, quilting became my passion, my outlet.  This is when I wanned from traditional quilting and became passionate for art quilts.  I felt they let me express my feelings, which were many.  And so mixed, at that.  I am also a teacher, so have not tried to pursue a career in quilting, although it is a dream I have.

As anyone knows who has lost a loved one, you never get over the pain-you adapt.  I will continue my journey of adaptation through creating my art.  Even if my work is never notices nationally, it has been my knot on the end of the rope.