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Originally from Canada, my love of textiles and sewing led me to a Home Ec degree many years ago. Later while living in Brazil I took some pottery classes and was hooked. After returning to the states I found no time for clay so I left full-time teaching and returned to university to study art and ceramics. My goal became combining my clay with fiber art. Now I have found balance, spending much of my studio time in my sewing room, while still finding time for the clay.

Quilting Arts played a big role in helping me put fiber art into my clay. In my last year at university I picked up a copy and read about Solvron. A few weeks later I was layering petals, seeds and fibers onto solvron and creating fiber studies to be stitched into my clay slabs; a final project for my Graphic Design class. I've been devouring each issue of Quilting Arts ever since then.


  • 1 Jun 2009
  • I finally started a blog!