Fort Mitchell, KY

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I live in a 1940's house in a city in Kentucky I have settled and love the hills of KY Such a wonderful place to reflect and walk some extended life paths I am very intuitive . I work in my studio where I design ART Quilts from my heart always reaching out to others I have found international post card exchanges cards, are quilts. I have taken an early retirement from corp America was a great walk for many years I learned and loved from the experience I saw many changes that have inspired me in my new life I have a dog Sugar cats Butch Wilma Betty great husband he is an upholsterer we found a treasure of two chairs from about 1890 he will do his magic and of course I get to pick the fabric My studio is very cool it sits on the third floor of our home the front window is tucked under the roof and then a side window both large and double hung trees outside each window I feed the birds I feel like I am in a tree house


  • 29 Aug 2011
  • Floating This was my Quilt for Fast Friday Fabric Challenge for July

  • Fiber Arts

    We are doing fiber arts at my local hang out (Knitwits Contemporary Yarn Shop Crescent Springs, KY) , Helping our knitters to step away from the patterns-  by thinking outside the box:)