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I am recently describing myself a textile artist. I have been an artist all my life, from fine art painting and graphics to theatre design to TV producing to CD publishing to finally in my retirement years Sculpting. I work in stone and in wood  depending where I live, 6 months in Ontario and 6 months in Costa Rica. After a knee replacement I could not work the heavy tools required and fell back on my old sewing machine as a creative tool. What a discovery. What joy and fun and how wonderful not to ache when I work. It truly is a pleasure and I'm addicted now. In my studio south I work with an old Pfaff 1222 which I love best and recently bought the Sapphire 870 for my studio north. NOt sure how much I like it yet as it seems a bit finicky and I need so many different feet to do the job. So I come from an art background and always thought quilting was for old ladies. Well now that I am an old lady! I discover  a different approach. I have never taken a class yet, since I see that most people take classes to get away from the traditional quilting methods. I just don't know better...