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Hi everyone!  I have finally found the time to edit my profile. After joining the site several weeks ago and reading about everyone's busy lives, here goes:

I just had my 70th birthday (YIKES!)   I was a 6th grade teacher for many years ( you can do a lot of sinning and still go to heaven when you teach 6th grade!) and am now part of an artist's co-op in Midland, Mi.  We have a store where we work and sell our products:  jewelry, pottery, stained glass, fiber arts, etc.  I am also a birder (old-fashioned birdwatcher);  traveler (Africa, Belize, Costa Rica, Equador and most of North America); mother of two beautiful daughters (i may be predjudiced) and grandmother to five (ages 15-22).   I started quilting in 2001 when I bought a new sewing machine.  I lasted as a traditional quilter about 45 minutes.  Thank heavens Quilting Arts had begun publishing their life-saving magazine or I might have thrown in the towel because of (dare I say) boredom!!!  I LOVE trying new ideas and techniques.  In my little corner of the world, just about everyone sews straight lines and finishes large projects.  I don't seem to fit.  I am so excited to now have contact with other people who like to try new things and are willing to share their trials and triumphs.  Thank you QA and CPS for making this possible.