150+ Free Quilt Block Patterns

Free quilting block patterns from The Quilting Company!

Welcome to our library of 150+ free quilt block patterns! New free quilt blocks are added with the release of every new magazine, so be sure to bookmark this page in your web browser for easy reference. From easy quilt blocks to traditional quilt blocks to challenging quilt blocks, we’ve got free block patterns for every design need. Happy browsing through our quilt blocks galore!

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Card Trick Quilt Block Lily Quilt Block

Rose of Sharon Quilt Block

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4 thoughts on “150+ Free Quilt Block Patterns

    • Tiffany Warble says:

      Once you click through to each of the three possible categories (blocks a-h and i-o for example) you should be able to click on any block you wish to get and download from the block page. If there are any you are having trouble with be sure to let us know right away!

      The Quilting Company Team

    • Tiffany Warble says:

      Hello! Each block is available individually to download in this particular set. You’d find the one you wanted, click through that block, and either the full instructions or download will be available on that page.

      I also wanted to let you know this was a page I have on my list to attend to once some functionality is fixed on the site. That fix should make this experience much better (with less clicks to get to the free blocks). If you have any trouble at all once you give that a try, let me know!

      The Quilting Company Team

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