5 Free Art Quilt Patterns

In this free eBook well example a few of our favorite art quilt patterns. For anyone interested in trying art quilts, we suggest checking out one of two fun mini quilt ideas to try.

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Quilt art comes in many forms and is often inspired by the experiences, imagery, and ideas of the artist, rather than a traditional pattern. Also known as art quilting, this form of quilting is a unique way to express creativity and explore new methods. Although the foundations are the same as traditional quilting, many artists incorporate a new range of techniques and processes into their designs. Do you have a memorable landscape or a favorite season in mind that you think would translate to a wall quilt? You’re in luck, this collection also includes instructions for creating quilts for both seasons and landscapes. Have you ever seen a tea bag on a paper quilt? If not, this final article on creating paper quilts is definitely one to check out. Download 5 Free Articles for Creative Quilting to get them all today! Get the best tips on art quilt patterns and add some creative quilt art to your designs today! Don’t miss this opportunity to get expert instruction and helpful tips from these five experts on art quilt patterns. Whether you have been art quilting for years, or are just starting out, this free eBook will show you the many exciting ways to create art quilts.With these five articles by your side, you’ll be ready to create quilt art in no time. Embrace a whole new realm of quilting techniques and get all five designs when you download this free eBook.

Artist Trading Cards: I'll Trade Ya! by Janet Ghio

Project #1

Ill Trade Ya! by Janet Ghio One of the most popular forms of mini quilts are 2.5″ x 3.5″ works of art. Artist Trading Cards, similar in size to baseball cards, are often traded with other artists. They have gained worldwide popularity among quilters and many other types of artists. In this article, Janet shows you how to create these tiny gems using your choice of materials, themes, and design elements. She also describes a quick way to transform fiber-based ATCs into wearable art pins.

Inchies: Art by the Inchie by Normajean Brevik

Project #2

Art by the Inchie by Normajean Brevik Just when you thought it was safe to throw away those itsy-bitsy, too-small scraps of precious fabric, along come a new generation of mini quilts: inchies. These 1″ to 1 1/2″ fiber squares are are embellished to the max. Because of their size, they are terrific take-along projects, and are fun to trade with other artists. Learn Normajean’s straightforward approach to creating inchies, from creating an entire sheet at once to individually making a tiny work.

Landscape Quilts Expand Your Horizons, Landscape Techniques by Joyce R. Becker

Project #3

Expand Your Horizons: Landscape Techniques by Joyce R. Becker Next, to the real thing, there is nothing more beautiful than a picturesque scene created with a colorful array of fabrics. Landscape quilts have no turned edges or piecing required, so quilters of all levels can design and create stunning quilts in a day or two and have a beautiful finished design in no time. In this article, Joyce shares a detailed, step-by-step approach to designing, basting, machine embroidering, and quilting landscape quilts. Her process is so easy that even beginners will feel confident in designing their own raw-edge art quilt.

Art Quilt: Autumn Jewels, Capture the Season in Your Art Quilt by Kirsten Chursinoff

Project #4

Autumn Jewels: Capture the Season in Your Art Quilt by Kirsten Chursinoff Wonderful possibilities arise when fiber art and art quilting are united with the splendor of the seasons. Autumn is an especially fun time of year because you can celebrate with an explosion of color. Kirsten found that Autumn provides endless subject and motif possibilities, and began exploring their use in quilts. In this article, she demonstrates different techniques for creating the elements of the quilt, from templates and stencils to creating skeletal leaves using water-soluble materials.

Creative Quilt Design: Tea and Entomology A Stitched Paper Quilt by Judy Coates Perez

Project #5

Tea & Entomology: A Stitched Paper Quilt by Judy Coates Perez Judy has always loved to work with paper and fabric and found the perfect opportunity for experimenting in a Make It University challenge. As she searched for a direction for the challenge, her eyes were drawn to the dried tea bag sitting next to her cup. Now her mind was alive with possibilities, and she immediately began creating quilts using dried tea bags, collage papers, printed fabric, stamps, and more. She lays the entire process out for creating these layered paper quilts, allowing you to follow along step-by-step or jump around to your liking.

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From art quilting leaves to mini quilts, this free collection has it all.

In this free eBook, we’ve gathered five free articles on art quilt patterns to share with quilters of all abilities. One of the most popular forms of art quilting are mini quilts known as Artist Trading Cards or ATCs. Quilter Janet Ghio helped make these cards popular and today we bring them to you. ATCs are very versatile and can be swapped at events, used in larger designs, be a way to practice new techniques, or used to showcase your expertise. Don’t throw any tiny fabric scraps away, inchies (the tiniest form of quilts) are here to use up every last bit. These super mini quilts can stand alone, be used in swaps similar to ATCs, assembled into a larger art quilt, or be made into a variety of useful items. Normajean Brevik shows you how to make them in her article. Then, Joyce R. Becker shows you how landscape quilts can expand your horizons, followed by Kirsten Chursinoffs article where you’ll learn how working from memorable scenes can create art quilts with texture and variation. Finally, join Judy Coates Perez in a mixed-media approach using tea bags, stitch, and wildlife motifs to create paper quilts. Pick one or them all, its up to you.

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