A Message from Quilting Daily: We’re Thinking of You

We wanted to take a minute to let you know we’re thinking of you. As crafters, makers and people who love to create, we know our community is more important than ever, and we are here to support your creativity and wellbeing.

Over the coming weeks we’ll bring you a variety of content to help keep you positive and motivated— from our best tips for your studio and getting out of a creative rut, to inspiring stories, craft-alongs, and ideas for making time to create. We know the therapeutic and healing power of these crafts and hope to help you unlock these in your daily practice.

We invite you to reach out to us on social media and let us know what you would like to see and to share how you are using your passions as a support, escape, and source of joy by using #creativeboost. The important thing is to stay safe, stay healthy, and use your creativity to stay engaged.

A Creative Infusion

Kicking things off today, we know social distancing and working from home isn’t a foreign concept to many, we often call it studio time. But these are unusual times, and where we were relying on our community in person we’re now working together from a distance. This crazy and stressful change comes with new challenges, so here are some ways you can de-stress, practice self-care, and stay creative in these special circumstances:

  • Do something you enjoy. Do that craft project you have been wanting to start. Watch that show you haven’t had time to enjoy. Read or listen to a book. Find something you love and do it.
  • Dust off a UFO. Sometimes starting with a blank slate can be hard, so instead dig out one of those unfinished projects from your stash. It’s amazing what a few rows, stitches, and progress can do.
  • Try it out. There’s no better time to learn a new technique, sign up for an online course, or start that project you’ve been saving for “someday.” It will help keep your mind active and your creativity engaged.
  • Remember you are not alone! There is a big world out there and we are doing this together. If you need help reach out on any of our social communities or visit our website for ideas and to engage with others.

This community is a lifeline, and will no doubt be stronger than ever. We look forward to what we can do together.


Tiffany Warble, Director of Content

P.S. We’d love to connect with you wherever you are!

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