A Pattern Roundup of International Quilt Designers

For International Influences month this month at Quilting Daily we’re diving into a few of our favorite quilt patterns designed by international quilt designers. Ranging from traditional to modern, it’s an international quilt pattern roundup that will leave you wanting more!

I have several favorites from the very first issue of QuiltCon Magazine, it’s so hard to decide! OK, here are two:

“MisDirection” by Jess Frost of Australia | Photo by HornickRivlin.com

When I saw Jess Frost’s “MisDirection” for the first time, I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. I was new to Half-rectangle Triangles (HRTs) so I went back time and again to look at and understand it. I was mesmerized! Do not overlook the show-stopping machine quilting and how she echoed the ‘zigzag’ element of the piecing in the negative space. Jess even used variegated thread to add interest in spots. It still knocks me out to see it again.

“Echoes” by Leanne Chahley of Canada | Photo by HornickRivlin.com

The minimalist design of “Echoes” by Leanne Chahley is so striking and the curved piecing comes together in three large (20″) blocks. The quilting is what takes this quilt to the next level—and took my breath away when I first saw it. She quilted with aqua-colored thread on the black background! The randomly spaced parallel lines are not all fussy-precise so even beginners should give this quilt a try.

-Kristine Lundblad

Bev Getschel designed and made the Baby Dala baby quilt with beautiful Dala horses to reflect her Swedish heritage. The name of the Dala horse comes from Dalama, a province in central Sweden.

Bev Getschel designed and made the Baby Dala baby quilt with beautiful Dala horses to reflect her Swedish heritage.

In the winter of 1716, King Charles XII of Sweden was waging war all over Europe and had soldiers staying in private homes. The winter was especially harsh, so the soldiers were often cold and hungry. Legend has it that one soldier carved a horse, painted it red (a color of paint procured from copper mines in the area), added some flourishes for the bridle and saddle, and gave the small horse to a child in the home. The child’s mother gave the soldier a bowl of soup. Soon all the soldiers in the area were making horses and trading them for food. The Dala horse is now a symbol of the Swedish culture.

Bev says, “I grew up in a very Swedish community in mid-west Wisconsin, about 50 miles from St. Paul, Minnesota. My great grandmother spoke only Swedish when I knew her. I was 14 when she passed away. I understand she spoke some English when she was younger. All the older people in this area spoke Swedish; this would be late 1950s. My grandmother spoke both Swedish and English. My mother and father, just English. I am proud of my Scandinavian heritage. The Dala horse is popular in Swedish decor.”

Whether you love horses, or Sweden, or just lively, fun quilt patterns, this pattern is a quick, easy way to incorporate that love in a beautiful quilt project.

Bev Getshel is a regular contributor to many quilting magazines, including McCall’s Quilting, Quiltmaker, and Love of Quilting. When she is not designing quilts for magazines, Bev enjoys sewing for herself.

-Gigi Levsen

Fanfold by Australian modern designer – Caroline Hadley
Sound Maze by Australian modern designer – Caroline Hadley

Two of my favorite international quilts come from one quilter ‘down under’ modern designer – Caroline Hadley.  Sound Maze and Fanfold are both stunning examples of modern quilts and they also share a distinctive honor: they appeared on covers of our magazines! Fanfold on QuiltCon 2021 and Sound Maze on Modern Patchwork July/August 2018.

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