Adjustable-Size Pleated Face Mask

Adjustable Face Mask Step Header Showing Final Mask

Have you been making handmade masks for others but worry about them fitting? This pattern solves that problem by allowing the elastic to be adjusted for the wearer. As you get started, if you have any questions about fabric, sizing, or are looking for other tutorials, be sure you check out the handmade mask roundup on our sister site Sew Daily!

Adjustable-Size Pleated Face Mask

Pattern by Lavon Peters


  • Iron and ironing board
  • Cutting mat, rotary cutter, flat quilting ruler (optional)
  • Tape measure
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Marking pen/pencil
  • Safety pin


  • 2 pieces of 100% cotton fabric 9" x 7"
  • 2 pieces of 100% cotton fabric 4½" x 1½" (same or coordinating fabric)
  • 2 pieces of elastic approx. 10" long (⅛" wide elastic; can use ¼" wide if necessary)
  • Thread in neutral or coordinating color


1. Press all fabric before cutting.

2. Cut all fabric pieces. (If using a directional print, orient the 9" width horizontally on the pattern.) Cut the elastic strips.

Adjustable Face Mask Step 2a - cut all your fabrics

3. Pin the 9" x 7" pieces of fabric with right sides together. (If using a directional print, flip one of the pieces around so the pattern will be right-side-up on both sides after the pleats are sewn.)

Adjustable Face Mask Step 3a - Pin the fabric pieces right sides together
Adjustable Face Mask Step 3b - If using directional prints flip one of the pieces around so the pattern will be right side up on both sides

4. Stitch along both 9" lengths, using a ¼" seam allowance.

Adjustable Face Mask Step 4 - Stitch both long sides

5. Turn right side out and press flat.

Adjustable Face Mask Step 5a - turn right side out
Adjustable Face Mask Step 5b - press flat

6. Mark along each 7" edge as shown:

a. 1¼"

b. 1"

c. ½"

d. 1"

e. ½"

f. 1"

g. 1¼"

Adjustable Face Mask Step 6 - mark pleats

7. On one edge, bring first mark down to second mark and pin to create a pleat. Repeat with third/fourth marks and fifth/sixth marks. Repeat on opposite edge, making sure all pleats face downward. Press flat.

Adjustable Face Mask Step 7 - create and pin pleats

8. Stitch along each pinned edge, using an ⅛" seam allowance and removing pins as you sew. Press flat again.

Adjustable Face Mask Step 8 - sew pleated edges

9. Center one 4½" strip on each pleated edge, right sides together, and pin in place.

Adjustable Face Mask Step 9 - add stripes pinning right sides together

10. Fold excess fabric on each end over to the other side of the mask and press/pin in place.

Adjustable Face Mask Step 10 - fold excess fabric arround back side

11. Sew strips to the mask using a ¼" seam allowance.

Adjustable Face Mask Step 11 - sew strips to mask

12. Fold fabric strips out and press the folded excess edges flat.

Adjustable Face Mask Step 12a - fold fabric strips out
Adjustable Face Mask Step 12b - press excess edges flat

13. To finish the bound edges, fold the fabric strips in toward the mask 2x and press/pin in place.

Adjustable Face Mask Step 13a - fold fabric strips toward the mask 2x and pin in place
Adjustable Face Mask Step 13b - fold fabric strips toward the mask 2x and pin in place, showing second fold

14. Sew along the edge of the binding, creating a tube to feed the elastic through. Back-stitch at each end of the tube.

Adjustable Face Mask Step 14 - sew along edge of binding to create a tube

15. Use a safety pin to feed the elastic strips through the tubes.

Adjustable Face Mask Step 15 - use safety pin to feed elastic through tube

16. **Size the mask by tying the ends of each elastic strip together to create a length that fits the mask snugly to your face when the elastic is looped over your ears.

**If you are giving the mask to someone else, stop here and leave the elastic untied or loosely tied. Then instruct the recipient to size and then tie the knot firmly before rotating the knot the bottom of the sleeve and tucking it in.

Adjustable Face Mask Step 16 - size mask by adjusting elastic for fit

17. Feed the knots in the elastic strips into the tubes to hide them.

Adjustable Face Mask Step 17 - feed knots in elastic strips into tube to hide them

18. Wear the mask with the OUTSIDE pleats facing DOWN and the INSIDE pleats facing UP.

Adjustable Face Mask Step 18 - finished mask

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  1. Helene Car says:

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