Beat the Heat with These Stunning Fall Quilt Patterns!

Fall quilt patterns to beat the heat

If you’ve entered the part of summer where deep down you’re yearning for a cool breeze and morning crispness, you’re not alone. A select few of us here at Quilting Daily understand exactly how you feel. Yes, we know that summer is fleeting, but we also can’t wait for fall quilting, warm colors, and pumpkin spice. This precisely why we went hunting for a few of our favorite fall quilt patterns and decor and stumbled across this fantastic piece written by former staff writer, Katie Chicarello in August 2019, while she was also 7 months pregnant and absolutely done with the summer heat. The colors and patterns that she highlights are simply spectacular and have us feeling all sorts of autumn feels. Check it out!

Winter haters beware—this post might cause you to feel a chill. As I sit here in the midst of August (in 90° plus heat) I am pining for a breeze and some morning crispness. I know what you’ll say—‘Summer is so amazing!’ ‘Embrace the sunshine!’ I agree—however at seven months pregnant I feel like I get a pass and can wish for the next season and a break from the high temperatures. To that end I’ve turned my quilting thoughts to fall quilt patterns —the warm colors and classic designs warm my soul while cooling the summer intensity. It’s a great time to begin a fall quilt—get a jump on your fall creations today and you’ll be ready for the season in no time.

Fall colors

"Link" is one of many fall quilt patterns that will get you in the spirit.
Links by Deb Tucker

Deep reds and vibrant oranges are quintessential for fall—but can become overwhelming and muddy looking. Not in the Links quilt by Deb Tucker though! She mixes these hues with complimentary prints and has cream and other solid accents to give each block room to shine. I love the variation in star block size in this piece—gives the eye lots to explore!

Alternative color schemes

"October Sky" quilt pattern
October Sky by Diane D. Knott

Not all fall colors are created equal! Have you ever been driving home in the evening and glimpsed those deep, colorful sunsets that crop up that time of year? Diane D. Knott must have seen some because her quilt October Sky features deep blues edged with orange (kind of like those sun-haloed dusk clouds). Framed by pieced sections of cream and tan the quilt is soft and bright. Check on Diane’s fun orange binding for that final finishing detail.

Gobble gobble

Thanksgiving quilt pattern: Let's Talk Turkey
Let’s Talk Turkey by Jenny Doan

You guessed it—we couldn’t have a fall quilt pattern blog without mentioning some turkey décor! Why are turkeys so funny (or is it just me?). Well, Let’s Talk Turkey table runner is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face! Jenny Doan’s turkey sports a jaunty tie! A great place to use your favorite collection of prints, or pull out the scrap bin, this runner will have your guests asking you to make them one as well!

Are you ready to get started on those fall projects yet? Grab one of these or explore a huge library of patterns here!

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