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Buckle Up, it’s a Sneak Peek Week Roundup

|Sponsored| Last week on the Fons and Porter Facebook page, we gave you the inside scoop on one of our hottest quilting releases yet – Pro-Stitcher’s Designer Software.

In this exciting sneak peek installation, Lori takes us step-by-step through the Pro-Stitcher Designer Software’s extremely user-friendly functionality, as well as outlines the many projects in which it can be utilized. The range of projects is truly limitless. You can make stencils, pantographs, and even paper piecing designs. Pro-Stitcher Designer also comes with more than 600 motifs that you can edit, reshape, resize and combine in all sorts of ways as well as features an extensive library of video tutorials.

To illustrate just how versatile this software is, Lori recounts how she was able to create a digitized file of her sister’s trademark duck drawing that she could stitch out on a quilt!

Lori’s duck that she was able to convert to a digitized file.

Even if you don’t own a longarm, this quilting software truly is one of the best next steps for quilters wanting to graduate from stitch in the ditch or quilting by check. Oh the possibilities!

“There are so many features that you’re going to use over and over again. I just can’t imagine how much fun I’m going to have using this software!”

We hope you enjoyed this sneak peek. Now go get your design on with Pro-Stitcher Designer Software!

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