Carolyns Chevron QuiltFree Pattern

Ive seen lots of different chevron quilt designs with many unique variations. When I was looking for a quilt pattern to use for my grandsons quilt, I decided I liked the simplicity of a chevron quilt using rectangles. The one thing I didnt like about designs that I saw was that many had the design chopped off on the top and bottom. I like the crisp points in the complete chevrons. So I came up with my own quilt pattern, filling in the top and bottom with triangles so points arent cut off.

My original chevron quilt was made using an older fabric collection from Moda Fabrics called Pure by Sweetwater.

Parkers quilt

For my remake, I found an adorable fabric collection from Timeless Treasures called Sea Babesand then added one of their sketch basics in orange, so I was working with 9 fabrics. I used 1/31/2 yard cuts from each of the 9 fabrics for a crib-size quilt. Thats enough for the strips in the chevrons and for a scrappy binding. The nice thing about this free quilt pattern is that it really doesnt matter how many fabrics you start with. You can just keep repeating the fabrics until your quilt is the size you want. Keep in mind that using more or less fabrics or adjusting the quilt size will change your yardage requirements.

The first thing you need to do is arrange the fabrics in the order you want them to appear in your chevron quiltnumber them to keep the order straight. Youll want to have some contrast between the fabricsplay around with your arrangement until you find one you like. Keep in mind that the last fabric and the first fabric will be next to each other when the fabrics repeat. Heres my arrangement. For my quilt, I repeated the fabrics in this order: 19, 19, 14so 22 chevrons total.

chevron 1 Carolyns Chevron QuiltFree Pattern

Fabrics in order 19

Cut two 2 wide strips from each fabric to start (if you have 9 fabrics with the same arrangement as mine, youll need five strips from fabric #s 1 and 4, six from #s 2 and 3 and four from #s 59). Sew a fabric #1 and fabric #2 strip together. Cut this strip set in 3 1/2 incrementsyoull get 12 from each strip set. Arrange the 12 sections on your design wall like this:

chevron 2 Carolyns Chevron QuiltFree Pattern

1st rowfabric #s 1 and 2

Repeat with a #2 and #3 strip and arrange them in the opposite direction. See how the first chevron with the stripes is formed?

chevron 3 Carolyns Chevron QuiltFree Pattern

row 2fabric #s 2 and 3

Next is #3 and #4 and so on. When you get through #9 (or whatever your last fabric is), then start with #1 again. Keep going until your quilt is the size you want.

chevron 4 Carolyns Chevron QuiltFree Pattern

row 3fabric #s 3 and 4

chevron 5 Carolyns Chevron QuiltFree Pattern

More rows are added.

chevron 6 Carolyns Chevron QuiltFree Pattern

All the sections laid out in rows.

Now its time to fill in the triangles on the top and bottom. The triangles start with a 5 1/4 square thats cut in half diagonally twice. Youll need three 5 1/4 squares (12 triangles) of fabric #1 for the top and 3 of fabric #4 for the bottom. Fill those in on your design wall after you cut them.

chevron 7 Carolyns Chevron QuiltFree Pattern

Orange triangles on the top.

chevron 8 Carolyns Chevron QuiltFree Pattern

Triangles filled in on the top and bottom.

Notice how the sides are jagged? Thats oktheyll be fixed later. Sew all of the sections/triangles together in diagonal rows.

chevron 9 Carolyns Chevron QuiltFree Pattern

Sew the sections and triangles into diagonal rows.

And then sew the rows together.

chevron 10 Carolyns Chevron QuiltFree Pattern

chevron 11 Carolyns Chevron QuiltFree Pattern

Closer view of the jagged sides.

Now its time to trim the sides. Line your ruler up with the inside points and trim. The finished top will look like this:

chevron 12 Carolyns Chevron QuiltFree Pattern

Finished quilt top.

The quilt top measures approximately 50 wide and 48 tall. If you want yours longer, keep adding chevrons until its the length you want.

There are many different ways that you can quilt this chevron quilt. Quilt straight lines that follow the chevrons or a simple all-over design. Or you can refer to our regular issues and use one of the techniques that Leah Day is sharing in 2015.

For a fun colorful binding, cut 2 1/4 wide strips from the leftover fabric. Cut them in half so they measure 2 1/4 x 20. Randomly sew these together to use as your binding.

This is a fun design to try in different fabricsthink Christmas, Halloween, batiks, etc. The main thing to keep in mind is to have contrast between your rows of chevrons. Enjoy!

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