Quilting Arts TV Series 2600

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Projects and How-tos from Quilting Arts TV Series 2600 eBook

Quilting Arts TV Series 2600

Quilting Arts TV series 2600 is available as a video download.

In this season of “Quilting Arts TV,” we explore the potential we all have for creativity, but it is a muscle that must be exercised in order to grow strong. With every episode, viewers are encouraged to delve into techniques and projects that work those creative muscles. It might be exploring approaches to art quilting based on a childhood art technique like scratch art and coloring; studying free-motion quilting with masters of longarm and domestic machines; or maybe even playing with super-easy surface design techniques that yield great results. There are no boundaries holding you back when you make time for contemporary quilting and Quilting Arts every day!

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Host Susan Brubaker Knapp invites some of the most innovative and creative quilt artists of today to show how they create their amazing quilts.

Susan invites amazing guests to demonstrate their techniques. Earamichia Brown joined her for several episodes, as did 16 other quilt artists.

Episodes featured in the 2600 Series include:

2601 Terrific Texture
Start building your creative confidence with terrific texture. Lorraine Turner opens this episode showing how she makes a snow leopard, featured in her project, come alive with texture by using different weights of threads over water soluble stabilizer. Then, Earamichia Brown creates her Textures and Tendrils art quilt project. She demonstrates portraits featuring various textural hairstyle options.

2602 Natural Element
Learn how your creative muscles respond to nature when you add different elements to your artwork. First, Denise Oyama Miller and Nancy Ryan design impressionistic landscapes by viewing the outdoors with a new eye. Then, Ana Sumner creates a textured landscape with trees using specialty threads, batik and cotton fabrics, raw appliqué, free motion thread painting, and hand stitching.

2603 Creating Imagery
Flex your creative muscles creating imagery with new techniques. Lynn Koolish is first with a lesson on layering imagery by using transparency. Her techniques include combinations of materials you might not have tried before. Then, Lauretta Crites shows how to make photo realistic quilts without a photo. She’ll demonstrate how she combines photos and then re-sizes, redraws, and refines them to create photo realistic quilts.

2604 Machine Stitching
Hands and sewing machines get a workout on this episode. Beth Schillig demonstrates a technique for thread-painted faux trapunto giving the design great loft and texture. Ana Sumner shows how to create a spectacular ocean reef design with a multitude of fibers that are intricate and colorful. She uses painted fibers, thread painted fabric, felt and lace, silk ribbon, embroidery, and beads.

2605 Variety of Materials
Learn how to add variety to your art quilt projects by changing up your materials. Thermofax screens, foiling, embroidery, cheesecloth, silk ribbon and beading are just a few of the varied materials Kristin Rodriguez and Janelle Girod use to create their quilt designs. Then, it’s fabric collage animals with Lorraine Turner and no fusing or glue! She allows the fabrics to help depict anatomy, bone structure and muscles.

2606 Colorful Details
In this episode the artists add colorful details to brighten up their creative strength training. First, Rachel Clark demonstrates using facing to finish seams on wearable quilted garments. Then, Vivien Zepf playfully uses drop cloth paper towels from cleanups around her studio to create a material that has unexpected color combinations. Last, host Susan Brubaker Knapp has quick lesson on masking with a transparent material.

2607 In the Studio
The guest artists demonstrate projects for your studio and even host a visit. Candy Glendening makes a small, simple purse using dyed fabric. The beautiful arashi shibori fabric and mud-cloth are showcased plus some added free motion stitching. Then, visit Jill Kerttula’s studio space, a former 1916 schoolhouse that is one of the oldest artist-run cooperative art centers in the country. Last, Vivika DeNegre creates a small hand project – a unique needle case.

2608 Free Motion
Practice makes perfect with free-motion quilting. Mel Beach starts with a modern approach to free motion with pebble quilting. Then, Beth Schillig shows the technique of free-motion with silk thread.

2609 Putting the Pieces Together
Learn how to plan your art quilt projects on this episode. Denise Oyama Miller begins with her project featuring broken color fusible appliqué. Then, Vivien Zepf demonstrates a block metamorphosis. Starting with a stack of damaged vintage blocks, she cuts them up and re-purposes them into a beautiful quilt.

2610 Childhood Inspiration
This episode incorporates some of our childhood play into art quilting designs. Earamichia Brown starts with her project Fabric Scratch Art. She’s rekindled a favorite childhood activity in fabric. Then, it’s time to color with Lauretta Crites. She’s using ordinary colored pencils to make colorful washable quilt labels. Finally, Vivika DeNegre has a second take on making a quilt label.

2611 Embellish
Learn how to use unique embellishment for your art quilts. Margarita Korioth creates beautiful dimensional accents for art quilts with modeling paste! Then, it’s the Summer Flower project, a beautiful wild flowers path, with Ana Sumner. Ana teaches the processes of creating a design, stabilizing fabrics, drawing a path with free motion stitching, and embellishing with silk ribbon and beads. Last, host Susan Brubaker Knapp shows how to make fabric beads from silk sari fabric and perle cotton.

2612 Piecing
This episode offers tips and techniques for piecing. Candy Glendening starts with improv piecing, inspired by the designs of the fabric and then cutting up those precious designs and even using the leftovers. Then, Vivien Zepf shows how to expand the use of compositional strip piecing in your art quilt projects. Compositional strip piecing relies on strips cut at angles and then sewn together to create dimension and visual movement.

2613 Paint and Dye
The guest artists show how fun and easy it can be to add a potentially messy aspect to your art quilting. Lauretta Crites begins with designing with painted Tyvek material. It’s an inexpensive material to try and can be crushed, painted, stitched and so much more. Then, Candy Glendening shares her favorite technique for indigo dyeing involving different clamping/pressure techniques.

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