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Quilting Arts TV Series 2700

Quilting Arts TV Series 2700

Keep the fires burning with Quilting Arts as we kindle your artistic spirit! Hosts Susan Brubaker Knapp and Vivika Hansen DeNegre invite a talented lineup of art quilters that will fire up your imagination. From painting to piecing, marbling to machine quilting, they’ll explore ways that all fiber artists can fan the flames of creativity with fabric and thread.

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Projects and How-tos from Quilting Arts TV Series 2700

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If you enjoy art quilting and want to see more contemporary quilting techniques and inspiring guests, a digital video download of the entire Quilting Arts TV Series 2700 is available for purchase HERE or receive both series 2700 and a subscription to Quilting Arts Magazine for $49.99 available HERE.

Episodes featured in the 2700 Series include:

2701 Paint It
The new season of Quilting Arts opens as host Vivika Hansen DeNegre introduces painting techniques. First, Sarah Ann Smith works with thin paints. She compares painting on different kinds of cloth, and with various extenders and flat washes. Then, Sharon Wall demonstrates fabric painting outside the lines—creating watercolor effects on leaves and then adding detail with free-motion veins.

2702 Get Inspired
Fan the flames of creativity with inspiration on this episode of Quilting Arts. Susan Brubaker Knapp and Lauretta Crites create joy flags. Then, Lyric Montgomery Kinard shows how to begin your own art exercises with color.

2703 Machine Stitching
Discover new ways to spark creativity using a sewing machine. Beth Schillig demonstrates how to use a ruler to make perfect curves and lines while free-motion stitching. Then, Sarah Ann Smith shows how to master metallic threads. From thread types, to the direction they come off the spool, to tension, you’ll learn all her tips and tricks.

2704 Mounting
Learn some ideas for finishing up and mounting your art with the artists on this episode. Donalee Kennedy is first with meditative stitching—what it is and how to mount it when it’s finished. Then, Lyric Montgomery Kinard shares ideas on how to wrap a small art quilt onto a gallery-wrapped canvas for a professional presentation.

2705 Pattern on Fabric
Surface design can be the layer that adds fuel to your creative fire. First is Ann Rebele with a lesson about drawing on silk organza for a fourth layer. Then, Melissa DeLisio demonstrates basic marbling techniques and explains the supplies and tools you need to get great results.

2706 Specialty Fabrics
Ignite your creative fire with fabric additions. First, Lorraine Turner shows Susan Brubaker Knapp how adding felt can make that project perfect. Then, Nina McVeigh creates a leather journal cover featuring free-motion quilting on leather, couching with the ruler foot, and machine beading—all on a longarm machine.

2707 Embellish by Hand and Machine
Stitched embellishments add a special element to your quilt designs. Catherine Redford demonstrates how to make Dorset buttons, a traditional English craft. Learn a little bit of history plus the steps to making a basic Cartwheel button and variations. Then, Beth Schillig shows Susan Brubaker Knapp a method for enhanced appliqués using a turned-edge technique on your machine.

2708 ‘Common’ Materials
You don’t need to go far to light up your creativity. The episode begins with Vivien Zepf as she discusses with Susan Brubaker Knapp how she raids the recycling bin for plastic soda bottle rings to use in her project. Then, Karol Kusmaul introduces the group Cloth in Common. Learn how they got started, what they do, who they are, and where they’re from plus their struggles, joys, and accomplishments.

2709 Backgrounds
Learn about the importance of backgrounds and how they sometimes become stand-alone pieces. First is Candy Glendening. She shows Susan Brubaker Knapp how to use glue resist on mudcloth to create simple designs and lines for interesting backgrounds. Then, Karen Hull Sienk shares a peek at her Pieces of the Past winning quilt and her technique to make a pieced background.

2710 Useful Items
Even an everyday item can benefit from a little spark of creativity to make them fun to use. Catherine Redford is first with a ladybug appliqué featuring folk art embroidery. She offers her thoughts on folk art, plus steps to make a stand-alone appliqué using the sewing machine. Then, Donalee Kennedy makes an oven mitt that’s almost too pretty to use and has a true designer look.

2711 Portraits
Sometimes all you need is a mirror to fan the flames of creativity. The artists on this episode are known for their fabric portraiture. First, Earamichia Brown discusses mood-inspired portraits with Susan Brubaker Knapp. Then, it’s time for Karol Kusmaul and non-stop faces. These are machine-quilted portraits finished with paint and embellishments.

2712 Printing
Learn about new and traditional printing techniques. First, Sue King uses serigraphy or screen printing. She shows how to create depth using surface design to build up layers of screen printing with both dyes and paints. Then, Sharon Wall has captured the illusive trout, using breakdown printing with thickened dye paste highlighted by free-motion stitching.

2713 Bits and Pieces
The last episode of Quilting Arts features marbling and dyeing. First is Melissa DeLisio showing creative ways to use marbled fabric. Then, Beth Schillig demonstrates dyeing quilt labels and bamboo socks.

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