Charmed, I’m Sure! Valentine’s Day Blocks


Happy New Year! Welcome to Charmed, I’m Sure, where I share tips, tricks and patterns for charm squares. All of these designs work with your scrap fabrics as well.

It seems like getting organized is on the New Year’s Resolutions list for many people. This is a good time to take a look at your scrap basket and cutting/organizing these keepsakes into usable shapes. I like to do this while I’m watching TV—I use the island in my kitchen to set up my cutting mat. Depending on the size of my scraps, I’ll cut them into either 2½” squares or 5” charm squares. I have found that these are the most usable shapes for me.

20180105-charmed-im-sure-valentines-1 20180105-charmed-im-sure-valentines-2

Thinking ahead to the next holiday coming up, I wanted to share a couple block patterns that you can make for Valentine’s Day. Either of these blocks can be used to make wall quilts, table runners, pillows or quilts.

20180105-charmed-im-sure-valentines-1This first block is basically half of a Log Cabin block set on point and measures 4¼” x 4¼” finished.

To make one block, you’ll need the following:
Background: 2¼” square
Red #1: 1¼” x 2¼” rectangle and 1¼” x 3” rectangle
Red #2: 2¼” x 3” rectangle and 2¼” x 4¾” rectangle

20180105-charmed-im-sure-valentines-3Join the 2 red #1 patches to the background square followed by the two red #2 patches. Press all seams towards the red patches.

It’s fun to use reds of different values mixing up value placement within the blocks.


Nine blocks set diagonally with a 1” border will make a 20” x 20” quilt or pillow. (for this quilt, you’ll also need 2 squares 6½” x 6½” cut diagonally twice for the setting triangles and 2 squares 3½” x 3½” cut diagonally for the corner triangles)


20180105-charmed-im-sure-valentines-2Here’s what you need for the 2nd heart block. This block measures 4” x 4” finished.

To make one block, you’ll need the following:
Background: Two 2½” x 2 ½” squares and four 1½” x 1½” squares.
Red: Two 2½” x 4½” rectangles

Mark a diagonal line on the wrong side of all six background squares.


Using stitch-and-flip, place one small square on the red rectangle as shown and sew on the diagonal line. Trim ¼” from the sewn line and press. Repeat on the other corner.


In the same manner, sew a 2½” square to the bottom of the red rectangle.


Repeat with the other red rectangle making sure the diagonal seam in the 2½” square is oriented in the opposite direction.


Sew the two halves together.


Use this block to make a fun pillow or small quilt. Vary the reds used for each heart, or use two different reds in a heart.

Set alternately with plain squares, 13 hearts makes a nice 20” pillow.


Make 25 hearts for this version.


Or get creative and arrange the blocks to form a fun design.


Have fun with these heart blocks, and make something creative for Valentine’s Day!

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Stop by next month for more charm square inspiration.

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