Color Confidential | Quilting Arts Podcast Episode 5

As art quilters, color influences every corner of our lives. Quilters, especially, are fascinated by color because it is one of the very basic components of our work. We all have our favorites and gravitate toward those hues intuitively.

But many of us don’t realize how the colors we see around us and use in our work are influenced by a relatively small group of color-influencers. The colors in commercial fabric lines, in Instagram stories, and even interiors of our public spaces are predicted years in advance.

We’re thrilled that Luana Rubin, a color influencer from the quilting industry, joins us as an Artist in Residence to discuss how trending colors are identified, named, and predicted.

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Below are a few resources mentioned in the conversation

Vivika is reading The Secret Lives of Color by Kassia St. Clair. It is a fascinating look at the history and stories behind some of the most influential colors we use today.

Luana is a member of the Color Marketing Group. This organization is an international association for color design professionals that creates accurate and relevant color and trend forecasts by connecting global color professionals.

Luana, Vivika, and Susan predict the 2020 colors they think will be chosen by Pantone. To come up with their choices, the each independently flipped through their color swatches and found one that closely aligned with their prediction.

Luana chose a sprout yellow/green because it is hopeful. She notes, “Often the colors that are predicted (by the Color Marketing Group) for future trends are not found in the Pantone book. That’s why we bring other kinds of swatches and color samples to our conferences. We use special devices to measure the color on the NCS scale which has almost infinite variations of color.”
Susan’s color prediction is a deeper green than Luana’s.
Vivika’s choice is a warm raspberry.

Luana Rubin is the co-owner and president of one of the most widely known online fabric retailers: in Boulder Colorado. She has vast experience in the field, having worked as a designer in the quilt, textile and garment industries since 1980. In addition, those familiar with Luana know she loves to travel and share her photography with the world! Luana has been a longtime supporter of the art quilting movement and enjoys creating her own artwork, curating exhibits, and spreading her love of fiber art through her blog and business.

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