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Cute Necessities: A Riley Blake Sneak Peek

|Sponsored| Earlier this month on the Fons and Porter Facebook page, we offered our followers the inside scoop on a new product from our friends over at Riley Blake Designs and Ginger absolutely fell in love. They sent Ginger, Host of the Quilt & Tell Podcast, their adorable, easy to carry, and quilt block adorned Lemon Twist hand sanitizer and she just couldn’t get enough.

Hand sanitizer has become a necessity these days, so why not make it cute? That’s exactly what our friends at Riley Blake Designs have done and we couldn’t love these little hand sanitizers more. It is the cutest case that we have ever seen for hand sanitizer, it has so many fun little quilt blocks on it, and it’s so easy to carry around. It can fit right inside your bag or even your pocket. The spray nozzle allows for a light mist that smells fresh and clean and will kill all of those pesky germs. The lemon twist scent is absolutely delightful and they’re currently working on their pineapple scent as well.

The best part is that if you own a quilt shop, the counter display with it’s signature turquoise box is absolutely adorable. It comes with 24 individual spray pumps. The pumps have 0.5 fluid ounces and 70% ethyl alcohol.

Go to Riley Blake’s website to get more information about these wonderful little hand sanitizers! And as Ginger says, if she sees this display at her favorite quilt shop, she’s definitely going to get one….or three.

Happy quilting and sanitizing!

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