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Welcome guest blogger, teacher, and quilt designer Kathy Sawyer! Kathy’s beautiful queen size quilt, Daisy Fields, is patterned in the March/April 2017 issue of McCall’s Quilting magazine.

Hello McCall’s Blog Readers,

It’s such a joy for me to communicate with you all here! Designing my quilt, Daisy Fields, was quite a process for me. I used Electric Quilt (EQ) software to do all the design work and it turned out to be a journey of experimentation. I would insert blocks into the layout and work for an hour or so putting in different color arrangements within the blocks. After a while I would “hit a wall” and realize that I needed to start fresh. I’d go back to the block library and start again with new blocks, a different border, a new color palette, etc. While that may sound tedious, I truly enjoy this creative process. The software is a tool that allows you to change large or small parts of the design very quickly and that means you can create endless variations of a single quilt design. I LOVE that!

daisyfields flat 500 Daisy Fields: A Visit with Kathy Sawyer

Daisy Fields finishes at 96″ square, a nice queen/king size.

I got pretty jazzed when I got the outer border of blocks set in such a way that created the secondary zigzag design. Don’t you just love those “AH HA!” moments? The center blocks are quite simple but that’s when you let the fabric and colors do the work of taking it from basic to wonderful. I have recently recognized my own tendency to stay within the safe palette of 3 colors with a neutral. Although I am trying to break out of that formula, this quilt is an example of why I gravitate toward that palette in the first place. It hits my eye as both simple and stylish.

Live Love Laugh Daisy Fields: A Visit with Kathy Sawyer

Selecting the fabrics to use turned out to be a bit of a challenge at first, but once I found those daisy themed fabrics I was totally hooked. I’ve always been a sucker for daisies and the artwork in this Timeless Treasures Live, Love, Laugh fabric is so lovely.

When I finally got to the point where I was sewing up the blocks I would catch myself smiling at random moments. The design made me happy, the fabrics made me happy, the process of creation made me happy – I mean, who doesn’t love a cheerful quilt of daisies??? This quilt will be living on my bed and making me happy for years to come. I hope you find joy in all your quilting, my friends.


daisyfields style 300 Daisy Fields: A Visit with Kathy SawyerThanks, Kathy! If you’d like to make your own version of Kathy’s Daisy Fields quilt and don’t yet have a copy of the March/April 2017 issue of McCall’s Quilting, you can purchase print and digital copies of the magazine or download the Daisy Fields digital quilt pattern separately from our online shop.




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